Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Les Petites Joie De Vivre

The days have been a mundane routine of work, eat, sleep. The mornings blend into the nights and the nights to the mornings. By the rate we are going, I thought we’d erase the words “relax” and “enjoy” from our dictionary before 2009 strikes, what with my new boss being a tough nut in approving leaves, and then there’s Jason’s big plan of savings and clearing loans. But I was pleasantly surprised that I’m actually still capable of enjoying and thanking God for the littlest things in life!

Thanking God for this

Yes. Patches of budding grass on my front yard. The two little patches of land on either sides of the porch.

When we moved in, they were infested with weeds and covered with stones, broken tiles and ceramics and basically, they are really an eye sore. We’ve used two big bottles of weed killer, they grew back; we’ve hoed it, and trust me the tough work in doing so, the land’s so hard with all the stones underneath the earth you’d wish you’ve hit a gold pot every time the hoe goes down, but hey, the weed grew back; we’ve mowed it, they grew back too. We got so tired of it I remember we complained and asking God to, hey, You grow them ok please? We give up! We want us a carpet of nice, green grass, not weeds. *grunts*

We are now noticing that grass is growing healthily! :)

Of course we are not pro farmers or gardeners so seriously, we don’t understand a bit about gardening. Maybe all the weeding work has promoted the growth of the grass, or whatever, but we are still awed by God’s hand in all things, down to the petty grass-growing chore! Now I'm thinking if I should throw some seeds on the earth. Hah!

And then, there are these

A litter of puppies!

We always pay them a visit during our almost daily walks in the evenings, and one of the little cutie (I shall named him Indie here forth) got acquainted with me. We’ve made friends!

Last night after admiring the grass and getting so awed, we went visiting the little ones by the road side. And guess what? They came running towards us (instead of running away as they always do when they were a few days younger), sniffing us enthusiastically!

After a short time of playing, we moved on with our walk, but when I turned back, Indie was following us! Haha! When he noticed that I noticed him following us, he stopped and watched and pretended turning back to his pack, so we pretended to ignore him and walk on, he started following again! Gah! Cuteness overload!!! lol


Maybe life is really all about knowing how to enjoy the little things we came along. We don’t have to own them, we don’t have to live with them, but as long as we know how to be grateful to God for them, je pense que la vie sera toujours belle.


Essie said...

Ahh! Seriously? JUST TAKE INDIE HOME T_T Soooo cuuuute!

Yay for you! The grass is growing~

smiley said...

wah!!! your blog post title so kewl!
i miss you =( , why you din come for prayer meeting ?

leishia said...

i know right! :)

awww miss going to pm too lah. this week lah! let's hope ze-uncle-uncle can be home early! :D