Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Do Dogs Hate Garbage Collectors So Much? ~_~

I read somewhere saying dogs just can’t stand the sight of walking figures (i.e. human) with their heads wrapped up with cloths, wearing sunglasses and hats, etc. They’d go berserk. At least Braxton does. She’d sprint from one corner to the other, bouncing off the walls like an Olympic swimmer doing laps, dirtying my white walls with her paw prints. It’s. Not. Cute. Anymore. T__T


Been going on a crazy reading binge lately. Tackling a few books at one go - topics ranging from marriage to investing to pregnancy (tis a given huh) to business to freelancing, also planning to start on Tony Parsons’ Man & Boy.

Now all I really, really need is settle the darn internet at home! And maybe get a lazy boy too!

A gift from lijenny! Moleskin notebook! Hearting so muchhh. Thanks girl!


Reuben said...

man and boy is good! a bit bitter around the mid section of the story, but it ends well. his kid is funny :D

Leishia J said...

rweally! hehe! good! will dig right in!

Anonymous said...

Hehe :D Got use anot!