Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Life of a One Month Old Frappy

First off, lemme explain. See, I like ice blended coffee. So from now on (until I change my mind to call her something else later) she’ll be my favouritestestest iced frap! Cos she cools me down when I'm all hot, melts me when I’m all tension. She’s the reason for the world to go round everyday. MY baby frappy :)

OK, now on to blogging business. So everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has a new blog template! It’s time for me to close shop and retire. Haiks! Or... just change my template already. But I think close shop is easier! Ha!

But before I do that, let me quickly run a series of piccies of Arianna aka baby frap. To quote mama Cynthia, “she got a lot of pattern wan hor?” hahaha! Indeedy! Like father, like daughter =.= but her smile is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen *melts* like mother, like daughter la this one confirm chop sign! Hoho!

wanna fight?

saturday night fever



Har? O_o

no! it wasn't me! I didn't curi minum the susu!

you wanna shake leg, you shake it right.



Backstreet's Back dance (hahahaa!)


Adino said...

She looks really cute, with so many different expressions. Congrats!

leishia said...

hey adino! wow, to have you commenting here feels like the old days of blogging! haha! :)