Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ticking List

I was planning to bring Braxton to the vet and get her spayed before delivering Frappy. But as things went, Frappy came way before the estimated day and the whole to-do list went bonkers. The best thing was, during the last week of her stay at my parents’, Braxton got loose from the leash and ran down the sunset with her white knight away with a white male dog. But of course it had to happen when she’s on heat -_- It caused me a lot of tears us a lot of time and effort to find her back. But thank God, she managed to come home on her own, but it’s all too late.

Since then, the white knight male dog would loyally visit Braxton three times a day; and even though they were separated by a big, white, heavy gate, he never failed to show his affection and love (I’m not too sure about this though. Men) by silently pawing her muzzle. It was all very… romantic, in a sad way.

But spay we must! So she just came back last night from the vet, looking every bit traumatized, pitiful, betrayed, and violated. Poor thing. She's weak and she refused her favourite food – rice and canned meat (actually, she favourites every edible thing. Zzz), she didn’t even want to look me in the eyes! T__T But it's for her own good. Riighht?

Anyway, after a few hundred bucks poorer, the peace I have now is indescribable! I now know I’ve done my part – by bringing her, a would-be stray, home and providing her a shelter, and spaying her, finally! One down, millions to go; the doctor was telling us that SPCA has to put down I-forgot-how-many-thousands-already of dogs a year not because of illnesses, but because they have no shelters.

As for Frappy, I’m trying to plan a routine that is most comfortable and will minimize her crying after the first day of chaos after the confinement lady left, and it seems to be working just fine so far, at least I'm more relaxed and get to rest that little bit more! She’s asleep now and Braxton’s resting quietly (I LOVE it when she’s quiet and calm!). Time for a cup of hot Milo! Or not. Frappy just woke up. Haiks! Gotta go, peeps =_='

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