Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For The Love Of My Sanity

Jason has bugged me forever to go get some pamering since the birth of Frappy. But somehow, being the responsible mother that I am, ahem, I kept putting things off, for fear he won't be able to cope with a young one at home. Alone. (More like I'm fearing for the young one -_-)

But then along came Despicable Me! And all responsibilities flew right out of the window! :D So I caught the movie with some friends and may I say? It was so cool! So funny! It's been too long since I laughed so hard watching a movie, wait, there was Couples Retreat (thumbs up funny!) some months back, but yeah, some months back, before Frappy came along!

I so wanna watch it again. Because it wasn't 3D AND we were seated TWO rows before the screen! Well, almost felt like 3D haha! It's all good! Love Gru! Love the minions! Love Agnes! Love the soundtrack! Love the colours! Everything! And it's not a good movie if Leishia didn't cry. The ending was so touching when Margo says I Love You to Gru! T_T

AND THEN! Half way into the movie, Jason called, panicking because Frappy wouldn't stop crying. Zzz. Well, eventually he survived the ordeal! Well done mate! Hehe! Will definitely do more of this getting out! Because one gotta love herself first before loving others (excuse only lah! I just love going out! Haha!)

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