Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just A Note. Pregger Note.

Yeah, yeah, so you think you’ve got pretty good eye sight and spotted some bump somewhere or you heard something somewhere or a little bird flew by and whispered something into your ears…

So yes, I am… preg. nant. Pretty preg. nant. Yeah. Should be 6 months along by now! Wahey! Surprise! Haha! We’re expecting the bub around Aug/Sept. So yeaaah. I’m telling this now because I don’t want you go like, WHAT?! YOU WHAT?!!!! Not that you’re not now but, it’s better now than later, say when you see Jason, Leishia, Frappy, and then one. Hehe.

Really, the reason I didn’t really like, officially announce it, besides the fact that managing my own life and Frappy’s has already taken up all my time (it also doesn’t help that she now hogs my laptop because she wants to watch baby MTVs’ on my lap. Zzz), it’s also because, well, I thought it was quite, you know… like, hmmmmmm. Yeah. But of course it’s always God’s timing and it’s His blessing. So I’ll hang in there and get this whole baby rearing job done and over with, AND THEN! HELLOOOO WORLD! =D

Now shoo, and don’t say I didn’t tell already!

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