Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elephant Is Me

I have lost count on which week I am in now! All I know is that I am suppose to due on the 31st this month, so I am counting days. Every now and then I can feel this sudden tightness or punch on my lower abdomen and it’s so uncomfortable. Zzz. Just yesterday I was starving while preparing lunch, and just as I was laying out the food and cutleries, getting ready to dig in, I felt a sudden stop-you-mid-track punch and I thought, O__O oh God, not now! Not when just my food’s ready. I want to eat!!! I need to eeeeattttt!!! T___T And then it went away =)

Sleep is difficult too, especially at night. Most nights I would dilly-dally till 3am, and still! I kept waking up every 15 minutes and it’s annoying, and by 7am Frappy’s up! Urgh, end this thing already T____T

On a different note /radom/ look what I found laying on the couch this morning when I took my eyes off of Frappy for a sec:

Frappy's *ahem* perspective

When I saw it I was mighty impressed, I mean, look! The cubes were neatly laid out in one straight line (ber-perspective somemore ok!)! *tearsofjoy* Now, let me give you a bit of background: Frappy is never interested with her toys, toys for her age. She prefers remote controls, handphones, clothe pegs, hangers, CDs, pens, books, anything and everything that a toddler is not supposed to be playing with.

And tried as I have, to play and teach her the concept of inserting the cubes into the shape sorter toy, she did it once twice, and then guess what she did after - remove the cover, put all the cubes into the tray, and cover the sorter back, and give me the widest, proudest ma-I-did-it smile. -_____- I'm not sure if I should cry or praise her. Anyone?

Anyway. Yeah. We’ll see, if some fanciful, bombastic talents entail out of this! Haha! /ambitiousmamamode

OK, off to the hospital for another checkup I go now (and endless waiting! Zzz).


peiling said...

wah my dear! u're pregnant again?? woohoo!!

leishia said...

... you didn't know? haha! yes, again! zzz. hehe