Monday, August 22, 2011

Of Ayam Kurma, Nutella, & Cinnamon!

Been acting very erm… motherly, lately! Cooking and baking and ironing clothes! I do amaze myself sometimes. Must be the pregger hormones!

What I’ve been up to in the kitchen recently:

Chicken & Lots-O-Root-Veges Kurma

You can't really see the chicken because this is leftover from dinner! OK, it might not look very appetizing (I like stewy, one-pot-cooks-all stuff like that), but man I tell you! This is da bomb! Here, I just had the leftover with toasted sunflower seeds bread for lunch. YUM!
No Bake Nutella Cookies

OK, visually superbly unpresentable. But the recipe says "drop it quickly on the wax paper" So I got very kancheong and antsy when it came to that step, and anyhowly just drop every blob abruptly and very quickly. erm, so maybe the measurements are not right either, because I didn't use proper measuring equipments? So they didn't set very well. They sat out on the table the whole day and were still gooey, in the end I had to freeze them in the freezer. Brought them to home-life, and everyone very give-face-ly had one. But it's really not that bad lah. Erm alright, I rest my case. -.-

No Yeast Cinnamon Rolls

I woke up wanting to eat these stuff so much, I had to google the simplest recipe, and bugged my sister to bake it with me at night. I was so gungho about it that I drove all the way to my mom's place at night to get these done. Since it was our first time making these, it obviously didn't turn out very well, too sweet and dough-y for our liking - we overdid on the sugar and cinnamon and rolled the dough too thin. But, hey! It feeds the craving! :)

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