Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Signs

You know the terrible twos? I think it’s hitting me already. Maybe it’s the teething, maybe it’s the frustration of unable to express herself and getting what she wants, Frappy wants me to be where she wants me to be, doing what she wants me to do, like, NAO! MOM! NAO! DROP EVERYTHING (living, i.e baby Oli or dead) AND COME TO ME NAO! Walao, srsly. Zzz.

Most days, by 3pm, we’d both be worn out by each other and ready to call it a day, but the problem is, it’s only three pee em! Bedtime’s still a long way to go. T_T Being the drama queen that she is, sometime’s when she doesn’t get what she wants (after all the sweet mommeees and pleaseeees), she’d squat down, cover her face (peeping from between her chubby fingers), and fake cry. And when she sees that I’m not responding, she’d come over to me, tap my knee, go back to her original spot, cover face, and start fake crying again. -___-‘

I don’t know to cry or to laugh. Usually I’d do both. I do impress myself so. Ha!

My drama princess #1 (let's not even start on the #2)

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