Thursday, December 01, 2011

When Nose Pump Is Out Of Reach

Frappy caught a cold and though she is not too fussy and still cheerful, the runny nose does bother her especially when she sleeps. And being the awesome mother that I am, I always, always forget to buy a baby nose pump for times like this /stabself

Maybe it’s the maternal erm, creativity (? Haha!) that was triggered by the sight of a suffering child who couldn’t sleep and breathe and lie down, my head just went LIGHT BULB a la Gru and I dug out this baby:

Plastic Syringe
And it works just as well (but OBVIOUSLY please be careful when you poke that thing into your baby’s nose, because the head is so slim, unlike a nose pump's which is specially designed for the shape of a baby’s nose, like, you don't know it already. Don't go and cucuk and hurt an already suffering child and come blame me ok T_T)!

Now, really, nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing glob and globs of mucous being sucked out. /happymamamode. Oh wait, /undohappymamamode, cause I just remembered how Oli is at risk to the virus, being a baby and all, and so exposed to Frappy! T___T Story of my life. T___T

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