Monday, May 07, 2012

Love Was In The Air; Havoc In The Baby Chair

We attended 2 weddings on Saturday and Sunday respectively! Both were uniquely beautiful and the thing with weddings is that, they tend to make me want to get married again (ok fine to the same person. No la, actually I just want the whole party thing lah ok haha).

So anyway, we brought the Frap along to the Saturday’s wedding and I guess that’d be the last wedding she gets to attend until she fully comprehends the function of a chair and what a sit-down-dinner means. I mean, really, some things are just not meant to be together, high heels and on-the-go toddlers for instance.

And so after a couple sessions of serious dad-toddler pep talk, half a bucket of tears, and failed bribery smooches (from the Frap! Tsk, that manipulative little thing!), we managed to sit her down for the duration of a few dishes served before the whole pep-talk-tears-bribes-sit-down cycle repeated. But I must say that I am actually quite proud of her, the fact that after understanding what was required of her, she literally held back her tears and allowed us to buckle her down on the highchair, and played along with smiles on her face, until her butts itched again and her undying energy overpowered her to move. Haiks

So yeah, a good exercise for us parents to discipline our child and for the child to learn the right social behavior to adopt when in public. I guess both parties are one step closer to success (which is, oh just another million steps away T_T).

BUT no matter how good an exercise routine it is, we kinda like our party time to be a little more… peaceful, you know what I mean? So Sunday’s wedding was just us, adults sans babies! And it was fun! Eating hands free, mingling with old friends, socializing with new friends, and posing for pictures! Oh my! 

When we reached my parents’ place to pick up the girls later that night, Oli was sound asleep and Frappy was having a great time playing with her gong gong, happy as a lark! So I guess we both did each other a good favor after all :) 

p/s Congratulations to Jee Hui and Christine (although we don’t know you personally, but we share your parents’ joy in your union! You both made such a stunningl picture in that indian costumes!)

p/p/s Gong hei gong hei Fay and Wilson!!!! You guys are definitely a match made in heaven – both are equally crazy!!!! Haha! We thoroughly enjoyed your wedding, it was so fun! And it was awesome catching up with the GKII girls again! 

Thank you so much for having us, you guys! Here’s wishing you a blessed, happy life together! 

and in return, we got lottery tickets! haha jokers!

Love my top & skirt (from Azoria), and purple envelope cluth from asos

Power women I have for friends!


Adino said...

Eh, you were at Jee Hui's wedding too? Did you see Daryl and Rachel running around? They wouldn't sit still either.

leishia said...

i think i saw you!!!! and then i figured this uncle who's carrying a baby who looks all too familiar must be your youngest boy! hahaha

but i was too occupied to keep a firm hand on frappy before she cause trouble to come and say hello haha. sorry adino!!! :))) but so glad to see you in person, even from afar. just too bad i didnt get to meet your wife!

leishia said...

oh and that uncle must be your dad? i didnt mean you ok? haha

Adino said...

Yeah fortunately my dad was there to help babysit the kids :)