Friday, May 04, 2012

On A Roll (of Digital Film)

Had wanted to start a weekly weekend-in-pictures kinda post, but obviously it’s an epic fail because I’ve been taking pictures for the past, what? 4 weekends on and none of them pictures are up here! Just go ahead and tell me how fail I am already! Actually, no, I rather you don’t. But yeah, ok, go ahead. Zzz. 

But I’m not gonna let my picture-taking effort go to waste  because this new year, one of my resolutions is to be a pro camwhore so here goes a vomit of 4 weeks’ worth of pikchas! Fancy!

Oli went for her jab at Assunta, one of my fav things to do, uh sounds wrong right? But I just love going to that part of the old PJ! So charming! The people there are what I called, true pj-ians! I mean, we just sat down at Lotus for breakfast, and these malay and chindian aunties started talking to us and playing with Oli, and the malay aunty even helped us to carry Oli so that we get free hands to eat, how cool is that (they were sitting by the wall, so there's no way for them to run away with the baby if that's what you're thinking of now)?! Anyway, going to Assunta reminds me of both my deliveries there, memorable times! Oh and my fav gynae! Haha

Usually Oli won't even bat an eyelid when jabbed, but this time someone's royally pissed because her beauty sleep was interrupted! And she made sure we pay.

I was in sunnies heaven when my bro intro-ed me to this optical shop in SS2! I'm a geek and I wear glasses, and it's not for fun; and fixing specs usually costs me a bomb, and I always have this fear that the optometrist would sneer at my eyesight power, like, tsk, you're going blind for sure lah. I dunno why! So besides having cat phobia, I really dislike going to the optometrist's (and the dentist's). But this! This place! Oh mai be still my heart! My frame plus lenses only cost me one hundred and eighty ringgit yo (I was prepared in my mind to fork out a good one K before I arrive). Oh how I danced and twirled around the shop like a lunatic, trying on sunnies and frames like a diva, smiling like a... doofus -_-. On and off I could hear the word "psycho" muttered from under jason's breath. Oh well. Guess I'm just an aunty who loves cheap stuff like that.

 Tea time while our white horse was sent for a rub-a-dub-dub!

Fav shade of orange and Oli's mark of adulthood (baby's version).

Tray of golden eggs - very important for your sanity.

Butterfly! There were 3 cocoons hanging on the wall just outside my door, in fact I took a picture (of them cocoons but I can't find it now! found it!) thinking I can document the metamorphosis thing, haha, but yeah who am I kidding the next thing I saw 2 butterflies fluttered away while this above was still hanging on the wall so there you go!

Fav top at the moment, from Forever21! Leopard print but so subtle and comfy! 

Typically us during sunday church service - a family of sloths! Haha. Oh well, it'd be nice if the nursery provides cots, or proper seats for parents to go all sloth-like in private. Just saying.

Frappy's fav corner in the church - library. Here's them girls with their beautiful tutors and sitters - something the girls are very blessed with, there are always someone around to fuss over them and giving them too much attention.

The girls were cranky like anything on a crazy hot saturday, so brought them out on a car ride and suddenly all was well again and they turned into these peaceful angels *clouds parted angels singing*

 Doofus and her fav coffee brand.

Come what may.

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