Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yes. What About Boys?

So I was having a conversation with the frap, that goes something like this. And for the record, I did not dream this up ok!

Frap: Mommyyy, schatat bee me guys. Guys.
Me: Wha...? Did you say guys?
Frap: *smiles* Guys chu ba gai gao car ya ba eh yu bao cook!
Me: What? Are we gonna talk about guys now? Seriously?
Frap: Schatat mommy beeyo papa yuuba kabir da *sighs*
Me: I'm not sure you are ready for them boys, at least for now, you know.
Frap: Har? Guys car!
Me: Yeah, cars are nice, but they are not everything you know. I mean, you're so young! And, and fragile and naive! And boys being boys, you know. And the commitment! Oh, let's not even go there. Ugh.
Frap: Mommy.
Me: Yes darling?
Frap: Stay cool.


The little lady actually said stay cool! STAY COOL! She's asking me, HER MOTHER, to freaking STAY COOL because, oh you know, it's only boys, mom and I can so handle them! *rolls eyes* oh won't you just kill me now? !!!

Exclamation marks. That's all I have for you now.  -_-

Oh and some pictures from the week. /continue dying in exclamation marks

Stay cool, she says. Pfft!


virgin beer
a whole new world from up that height
spot the red!
yes, i'm afraid you can't choose your parents, oli
obsessed about colours
rotterdam! it's like, wearing ten tiny pieces of starry night skies on you!
lazing around. everyday.
smelly bunnies

I'm sure the hubs and I would need helmets to face them boys head on. Sigh.
We will definitely make you wear helmet from now on. To fend off the guys.


vicky said...

Hahahahahaha!! Omg why she so cool! So young oso so cool edi.. and Leishia! We have the same dress (um the 'top' you're wearing with the yellow skirt?) :D I like your good taste, momma~ :P

leishia said...

the dress! kitschen's right??? oh i love it! but too short for me to be worn as dress! haha /ultra fail

and excuse me! boys talk is not cool (for my girls!) ok! /shifty eyes hahaha

vicky said...

Hahaha so cool to tell you to 'stay cool' la aiyo. (that's a lot of

Yes kitschen! I thought it was on sale then it wasn't but I couldn't pass it up! <3 Hahaha no la, not fail just so awesomely tall... *shrinks*

leishia said...

i bought mine on sale yo!!!!!! rm45 i think! i know i'm cool liddat lah haiks!

the awesomely tall

Juju said...

how do i like this post? like, 10,000 times? XD

leishia said...

erm, just like, reload this page, like, 10,000 times? haha! you're too sweet lah ju!!!!