Thursday, September 06, 2012


When I brought Frappy's lunch out from the kitchen today, she quickly got herself up at the table, put her hands together, slightly bowed her head, and said:

"Ah ehka. AHH BAYBEE, ah oish ko, ah MUM MUM! NGAMI!"


Did she just said grace? I just sat there, watching in amazement, and for awhile there I didn't know how to respond nor remember how to laugh. Although it was really funny, I must say!

My baby just said grace! And "ngami" is amen; usually we would say grace and frap would end with ngami. The reason she mentioned baby was because normally I would feed her and Oli at the same time.

AND after saying her ngami, she called out to Oli,


To which Oli would scoot over in her speediest crawl with the widest smile on her face, eyes on the food. Eyes always on the food.


Ahh! I guess we stay at home parents live (and suffer the down times!) for moments like this, don't we? Is it worth it? I don't know, but it's pretty darn priceless. :)


Irene said...

Hi Leishia,
Love reading your posts, so original and spontaneous. You have a beautiful family! Hope you don't mind that I linked up to your blog, to 8 8... if you do, let me know, no probs.

Have a good day!


leishia said...

hello irene! not at all! link me all up baby! i'm shameless like that haha!

thank you for your kind comments! too sweet of you! i haven't got the time to check out your blog, can't wait to though!

and yeah, HELLO!!!! :D