Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Show

My lappy crashed! URGH THE HORROR! T__________T

I've been going on what seemed like ages without getting in touch with my online world, rather uninspired - blogs, fb, and whatnots - when I have a long list of to-do's to be checked off; and then when I finally picked myself up and vomited an article out to be published, made that arrangements for a tea party, thank god I got my translation work done (and invoice sent!!!! Oh thank You Lord!!!), and then my lappy (or rather the virus) just had to shut down on me, bit by bit, making sure I watched it delete every piece of file, and so deleting a big piece of me :(

So now I'm laptop-less (so wrong! Haha!) and wahey, I'm so inspired! To blog! To make announcements for the parties! To write! To edit photos! To basically do everything online! -_- I'm just truly amazed with my sense of priorities.

Oh never mind me. I'm using Jason's lappy btw. And also just to share with you a piece of something I posted over at friendlyfashion's. So do pop by and give me a yay, if, it's erm, yay-worthy. Haha. I'll have more articles coming up, both here in this blog and there at's, been bitten by the DIY bug lately! Hehe!

So yeah, bonne nuit you guys! Gotta crash or I'll auto-crash. Nite y'all.


kg said...

I yay-ed! What a cute idea!

leishia said...

ni kg dari kampung mana ni? lol yay for the yay! thank you mama!!!!! <3