Thursday, January 17, 2013

Have You Written Your Resolutions Hmm? Pt. 2 + Ellie.Bie Promo

I realized in a haste, I've used a stupid title for my previous post, and so I'm stuck with that "Pt. 2" bit in this post. This really has nothing to do with writing resolutions anymore. Haha. If you haven't, then get on with it because well it's for the good of the mankind! Read my Pt. 1 here! :D

I mentioned in my previous, previous post that I was going to “review” an online clothing site owned by a friend of a bunch of my friends and so we were not really connected, she’s really an acquaintance but we are also friends now, to a certain level. WHY DO I ALWAYS LENGTHEN ALL MY SENTENCES NONSENSICALLY I ALSO DUNNO HAHAHA SORRY I CAN’T HELP THE VIRTUAL ME TALK. OKOK I stop.

So yeah! I’m really excited for her, Elaine, the sweet petite owner of ellie.bie! I’ve always wanted to start some kinda blogshop but for one and all reasons, I never did. And to see someone you know doing it, I admit, it does make me feel a little envious, ok fine a lot. -_- but at the same time, so proud and excited! You know, as if the person is your child that made you proud. Or something…. Never mind me. -.-

So on to ellie.bie. Elaine was kind enough to loan me a couple of her sample pieces to try on, and boy was I sold. I’m not making these exaggerations just “oh because she’s your friend. You can say like that lah!”. The thing is, when I saw the process of how ellie.bie came to be, the hard work and effort Elaine puts into it, and how determined this girl is, really, my heartfelt salute! 

And then when the samples came to me, I was very surprise with the clothes’ quality and cutting! I mean, honestly, there are so many online clothing stores out there, and most of their quality is well, just alright (for the price range around RM50-ish?). So when I saw ellie.bie’s pricing, the “ah it’s just another blogshop” did flash past my mind. How wrong I was.

I picked 2 pieces – one dress and one top – to try on, and both the pieces are made of quality, thick cotton, and so the good fabric lends the clothes a very good, tailored structure when worn.

Ellie.bie stocks mostly office wear, or at least most of the bajus look corporate-ish to me, and so this well-tailored/structured look is important when you are working in the corporate world to look groomed and chic. 

Here this, is a Roland Mouret-inspired Margaret Pencil Dress (RM69.00). I picked the grey one because well erm, I’m a very grey person. Haha. I actually do love grey very much and find the colour so full of character! And this grey on this dress is just simply amazing! It’s very non-flashy, yet it is also very stylish.

The length makes it perfect for the office without losing that sexy edge. Ah, if I’m still an office lady, I’d definitely bag this! 
Comes in grey, red, blue.

I also picked out this Sabrina Tulip Top (RM55.00), and went with a safe colour – black, because I’ve been looking for staple pieces for my wardrobe, and I think I’ve found myself one here! I just simply adore this piece! It’s so versatile; it can be dressed up or down. I tried it with a body-hugging bright yellow pencil skirt (which makes me want to go back and sit in an office!), a pair of shorts, and jeans, and I love every pairing! And the fact that it's black, it makes pairing super fun, because you can match it with bright colored bottoms, crazy statement pieces, or simple accessories like an envelope clutch and thin belts. They'll all work, like, mama for real!

I wish I could show you better and more professional photos with perfect angles and that how awesome this top is, alas a full length mirror I have not (@hubs, ONE OF my birthday presents, perhaps? ;), but I did have 2 crying toddlers locked up in the cot when I was trying on these clothes! Oh the stress I tell you! 
Anyways!!! ellie.bie updates their site every Thursday at 12pm, so do check them out! Recently they’ve included some biker chick essentials in their stock, and they are all so drool-worthy! AND since Chinese New Year is right round the corner, they have stocked cheongsam-inspired peplum dresses in the most festive of reds and also lots of yummy lace fabrics! 

Here are a few of my favs (click on the pics to bring you to the site):

Love this ensemble!

Cute yet elegant blouse

How cool is this?!

Enjoy a RM5 discount on ALL PIECES (not valid with other promotions) when you make a purchase! Just key in the discount code: letsbrewlove and save! Imagine that, if you buy 3 pieces, that's a saving of RM15! (Hmm, considering this is my birthday month, maybe I should update my wardrobe after all hmm? Hehehe)

Promotion valid till 31st March 2013! (That's a lot of stock updates in between this period! But don't hold out your orders too long, all pieces are quite limited, so grab them before they are gone! :)

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