Monday, January 07, 2013

Have You Written Your Resolutions Hmm? Pt. 1

Greetings! And a very Happy New Year I wish you, beautiful people of the earth! 

Let me just take a moment and go, woouoah! Like, seriously, what’s the deal with time man, why the hurry?! It was just what, yesterday? That my second baby arrived! And suddenly, she’s like 1 plus. And then in a couple of week’s time, ahem, I’m turning a year older cooler! 


Really, exclamation marks are really an understatement, though very necessary haha. ANYWAY!
Regardless, I’m really excited about the year 2013! 12 months of endless possibilities! Thank God for His grace and mercy! Speaking of which, I saw someone shared a picture on instagram, and I find it so funny I made a mental note to share it somewhere. But I really don’t mean to be rude in any sense ok! Here, this:

HAHAHA! Funny right!!!

:x OK moving on! 

So I mentioned that WELL, in a few weeks’ time my birthday will be rolling right over and I’ve decided to be shameless declare the month of January a month of celebration! Yes, please, you can take a day off and feel free to bask in my awesomeness for you will find no other. *angels sing*

But I’m super lousy in coming up with plans and stuff lah. So all I did manage was a pathetic list of things that I want to do (starting) this month – 

1. Eat Korean bbq because erm, I’ve never tried it before? -.-
2. Start taking supplements and collagen and stuff because well it’s high time? Actually, I don't know how is this part of my birthday celebration. Sorry wrong list. Zzz.
3. Plant potatoes and spinach. HAHAHA! Because it’s time I make myself useful by bringing some bread to the table too. I’m serious ok.
4. To have a truckload of cool presents! 

5. To own a ukulele! For no apparent reasons; it’s just something I’ve always thought it’s cool to have, never mind the fact that I play no string instruments. Uh, yeah. 

So that’s it! For now. But really, how simple I am! The hubs should really be counting his blessings. 

Oh and have lotsa makan and yumcha sessions with friends! Nothing makes me happier than just lepak-ing with friends, gossiping updating each other about the happenings.

Anyway, this being my grand birthday month aside, have you come up with your resolutions for this year? I was never a erm, resolutionist. But I figured (how smart right hehe) one needs some kinda goals or plans to motivate you through, I mean, otherwise, what’s the point of you being alive right? Takkan just wipe your babies’ shit and cook porridge for them only! But you see, even that is some kinda resolution already! You resolute to be a better parent who wipes their butts cleaner and better, see?! And you will act accordingly and that makes your life purposeful! SEE?! Light bulb! Nuff said!

So then, in place of a to-do list, I decided each year, I’ll give myself a word to live by. Last year my word was “NEW”. And I’m pretty proud to report back that I’ve lived up to that word, by seizing opportunities whenever I can and try doing new things – like organizing meetups and meeting new friends, both of which makes me wiggle in anxiety and discomfort; signing up for a makeup course that I don’t see the point of doing (but enjoyed it thoroughly in the end, plus met new friends, plus had good fellowship with the friends I attended the class with!); and going on a short holiday trip with ONE friend who was really just a hello-goodbye friend (in a much closer sense), and now I dare say we’ve found a friend in each other (I hope!); with the help of the hubs, I've also organized a crazy preloved clothing sales and I’m just so proud that I could even pull it off in the first place; and erm, dip-dying my hair haha never mind I look like an old lala mui now; dress up more, just because I can, why wait until I’m all gray and wrinkly right? Seriously what was I thinking when I was like, 10 years younger?! When I was 20, I lived in tents and men’s jeans, likka a real aunty. The late bloomer in me has once again, live up to its true character. Yerrr! Why! Y_Y

So yeah, stuff like that lah! I tried to go with the flow more, even if it makes me uncomfortable but eventually usually I'll end up having fun. And that was pretty much my 2012, on a personal level!

And this year, behold, my word – POSITIVE. *cues spotlight shining down from behind the clouds
This year, besides continue trying new things, I also resolute to learn to be more positive; to think positively; to see the positive side of every negative situation and thought. Because I think, how things turn out depends so much on how we think. Positive attracts positive. Positive words and thoughts reap positive results. Besides, if the mama is positive, the littlings will be happier too. You get my drift? Yeah…

OK NOW! After getting all these sappy a-year-older-a-year-wiser stuff outta the way! Let me give you a small little “gift”, ok not so much a gift from me, but you know, just a little something to get the fashion-loving blood in you pumping  a teensy bit faster (thus more oxygen into your heart and brain! More oxygen means better well being! GOOD NEWS, THIS! :D)

**wait, let me cut this post into 2 parts so that you won’t get overwhelmed with all my words of wisdom! Haha! 
Please stay tuned with the part 2! YOU REALLY DOWAN TO MISS IT (cos I’m modeling with a pathetic half-length mirror and an iphone camera. Self-shoot no less. z. Story of my miserable blogger life  -.-)**

MEANWHILE, what's a blog without pictures right? (You saw that coming, doncha? haha!)

Dong Zhi Day, where we fought for tang yuen! Ah, good times!

Christmas Dinner and free choc drink! Because this lil missy smiled and waved to the barista and melted his heart! Think it'll work if I do the same? Hmmmmmm

A sisterly aww moment there. Right after that, Frappy told Oli "no more. one only!" -_-

Yummy dinner @ La La Chong with great company!

Our impromptu stay at Saujana Hotel, thanks to a sweet angel!
Buffet breakfast time! My fav!

Oli's first dip and frappy clinging on to her dear life.

We're chilling, no pictures please.
pic nipped from melly

Girly sleepover (with super noob boys in attendance, who got excited over exfoliating their faces. Like, seriously? Yes, seriously. HAHA! I don't know why I like to answer my own questions likka pro =_=)

Facial / brotherly bonding time

I know it's too late, but I hope it's not too late anyway, to wish one and all a very Blessed Christmas and an awesome New Year! May the Lord keep lotsa cool stuff in store for you in 2013. It's gonna be uhmaizing! 

But before the uhmaizing begins, gotta crash now! I pretty much typed this whole thing with my eyes half closed. BUT! Remember to check back for the part 2 of this post k! Nightssss!!!

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