Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bad Shaped Skirt & Talking Orang Hutan

I went for my lengha fitting last night, and boy was it disappointing. The skirt was out of shape with the fabric hugging my hip and the waist, oversized. What I wanted was a simple rest-below-belly gypsy sort of flare skirt.

It didn’t feel right, heck, it didn’t look right to begin with! :(

The tailor was on leave, the lady boss wasn’t around. So we called her up and expressed our disappointment. She asked us to return to her shop for a second fitting today and assured to rectify the wrongs. You better be right!

Fingers crossed and double crossed they’ll be room for alteration. From what it seems, there’s not much fabric left at the seams for altering work. Man, we paid so much for that! Gah!!!

On a different note, Jason was back from his work trip to East Malaysia! I was presented with a basket full of random goodies last night (each with a story of its own!)! Yay! I know, I should be snapping pictures but the batteries died on me, so… heh :)

I’ve got a pair of wrap around pants, 4 mini bottles of sold-in-Sarawak-only sodas in different flavors, a pair of pearls earrings, 2 cookies & 1 chocolate (which he gotten on board and wanted to eat but kept for me instead! Awww), and a cutesy orang hutan soft toy which giggles “I Love Yous” when you press her belly! It was cuteness overload! And I did something that I swore I would never do 5 years ago: hang the monkey in my car’s back seat! Guilty! :)


Anonymous said...

So, blogging up to the big day eh? chirpy Jamie was here in the plant yesterday with Loke... Chong

Leishia J said...

and u are guilty of commenting anonymously! woof!

i know lah, ur chirpy jamie already reported. slow lah u. so u dont dare to come over already lest we bug u about getting us food? hehehe

.:dewgem:. said...



cuteness man!. hahahah
so cute of jason to give you cute stuff and you 'cutely' put the monkey at the back of the car

haha. sorry. i'm being lame. ;)

CKS said...

LH, you going to have a hen party before tha big day?

Leishia J said...

yeah i know, dewgem, i've gotten pretty lame these days myself too ;)

chong, thats up to you to organize loh. btw, jamie is suggesting a dieting plan for u. u gotta be kidding right? :p

cks said...

yes i need to diet... too good a life here.. ha ha....