Monday, July 17, 2006


Dear all,

It is official, though I’m not giving up as yet, that all my email boxes are (almost) defunct. Irretrievable. Ever since the other day I mass-sent out our save-the-date email, I couldn’t log in anymore till today. Heck, I even typed and compiled A.L.L the email addresses ONE by ONE a day before. It must be a conspired sabotage! It must be!!! @#$$%%#$ >:(

To those who replied to our save-the-date mail to congratulate and to wish us well, my zillions apologies. You have no idea how eager I am to receive those email from you guys!

I’ll get a new email addy soon. Do drop me a line along with your email add so that I can keep you in my mailing list. Thanks so much!


.:dewgem:. said...

hello. my e-mail add is d e w g e m [ a t ] g m a i l [d o t] c o m

doing this to avoid spammers. haha

David Bong said...

It could be that your email has been categorised as spammer. Since spamming is illegal, they have restricted the usage of your email.

Leishia J said...

restrict the owner of the mailbox as spammer?

how come they don't verify in any way at all?

so, how do i check and get them to uncategorise me?

but the thing is, it's unlikely, becos i can't sign in to my hotmail and gmail either. shucks!