Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gone & Back

I’m back! Singapore was great! JB was greater! I spent my whole time sleeping! LOL Hey, it rained everyday, and suddenly shopping didn’t sound too appealing with the traffic and crowds everywhere.

I had hearty breakfast everyday, like, really hearty! Which lasted me the whole day, I can go without lunches and dinners! That’s how “hearty” it was :) And then, I’d do some walking and shopping around town, and then head back to the hotel and SLEEP! It was GRR-EAT, uhm hmm!

And then, there were a few surprises in between thrown in by Jason, you know, just to spruce up my stay with the Hyatt Regency. Cough*brag*cough. Hehe. I mean, he was sweet. He’d sent mini fruit tarts and chocolate croissants to me in between breaks, and got someone to send me this gigantic fruit tart at the end! I was stuffed! I mean, of course I was touched but I was so stuffed, I swear I’ve gained 5 kilos more. Dear, is postponing D Day an option? :)

We visited Singapore and we were… uh, mainly me lah, so excited to be on the island. It’s been ages since the last. I called Stew and wow, long time neber hear your voice lah! Hiak hiak!

It was all cool! Orchard Road was cool too, too many cool clothing which I cannot afford. So, it’s cool that I didn’t spend money!

En route back home, we dropped by at Melaka, and went to the printers our dear friend, Cath, recommended (Uh… yeah, we haven't print our invitations yet. Hehe Oops…). Apparently one of the printers happened to be Jason’s old church friend, and thank God, he’s quoting us good prices. I think we might head back to Melaka again this weekend to finalize the artwork.

Well, in any case, no worries, I’m sure you guys will definitely receive the card before the wedding day comes, and then goes. :D

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