Monday, August 14, 2006

Positive Updates

It has been a long but exciting week! Things are moving really fast, finally, and the pressures are easing off pretty quickly too! Thank God!

Invitations are expected to be ready this mid week. But we are beginning our second round of pre-invitation-RSVP. So do drop us a note at or give us a buzz to confirm your attendance if you’re interested :)

We’ve wasted 2 days of our time in running around JPN PJ/Putrajaya to get our info on Mykad updated (that’s another pain-induced story altogether!), so now what’s left is to get ready to submit our marriage registration form.

On Wednesday we met Kelly and briefed her about our wedding and the areas we would like her to look into… that’s basically everything! Hehe oops!

On Thursday we met Sis Mary Anne and Nancy from our cell group, they and the rest of our cell group members will be our ushers on the day (together with Jason’s ex-cell group members back in Melaka, and a few of our colleagues).

Friday we met Bro. Lam during home life and got him to assist in arranging transport for the Subang church members. And confirmed with my colleagues to do, get this... a Bhangra dance presentation during reception! LOL so cool!!! Chong, you are so in!!! No running away!!!!

Saturday we brought our friends, Lyn and Jamie to our wedding venue, and brainstormed on the deco and setting; had a scrumptious buffet lunch and loads of laughing; and then met the favor lady (she’s really nice!), and a sample is expected to be ready this Tuesday or Wednesday. At night we went to my dad’s place, and had Jason’s measurement taken to tailor make his suits. Dad is also in the midst of making his own suit. It is all very exciting! Hehe! Now we gotta thing of something for my mom and my grandmas. (If you gentlemen want to tailor make any suits or shirts or pants, my dad is a terrific tailor! OK, I know I'm pretty shameless when it comes to advertising my dad, heck I love him! :)

Sunday we shopped for our rings and found a couple reasonably priced rings because they are on sale! (Don’t you just love sales?!) We “booked” ourselves a lovely mini birdcage from a stall selling knick knacks. The owners were very reluctant to sell us the cage because it’s their display item, but then later they were saying they have this other same new one at home, we’ll have to pay for it. Jason was the sweetest groom to name a willing price and decided to get it because the bride is sooo interested in the cage (I know! Really doh of me!)! Anyway, we’ll have to call them back 2 weeks later to declare ownership (We still have time to regret). The cage will be used in replacement of a ring pillow :)

Oh, we’ve got ourselves a wonderful guitarist too! Jared will be playing at our wedding and we now have a complete, talented, and smart looking band. I can’t wait to see them on stage!

And On Sunday itself too, we’ve sent in a chosen song to our bridal shop for the VCD slide show which they’ll make for us, and decided on the color of the ribbons/deco used for our handsome car – a spanking gorgeous black Nissan Murano! (I can’t stop bragging about it!!!!!! hahahahahaahhaha) Now since Jason is going to wear tailor made suits by my dad, we have to decide to exchange his groom’s suit from the bridal shop with something else. Any suggestions what items we can suck from this money minded people? :p

Anyway, I really like how things are moving now. We are looking forward to accomplishing more things this week!


chong said...

wei, no way I'm gonna do it. ok. if you force thru, there goes the photo job...

Leishia J said...

i'm only trying my luck lah... which one is more important? my pretty pictures or a 5 minutes bhangra dance? of cos pictures mahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! dont sulk dont sulk. u come ok?... ok good boy... :D

.:dewgem:. said...


i really wanted to go but i'm not sure yet coz of transport problem! and we have yet to even meet up!

praise God for the smooth sailing process in preparation!

Will continue to keep you guys in prayer!

Go Go Go!