Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Pronounce You, Man, And Wife

The wedding ceremony was perfect, I couldn’t ask for anything more… although, you get the usual bouts of hiccups, like: I forgot to bring down the veil as my dad walked me down the aisle (this was a classic one!); my “appointed” photographer didn’t turn up due to some urgent, last minute emergencies (thank God for Wen Shen, a church member’s son who came equipped with his professional looking camera and skill!); I kept tripping on my hemline, because I didn’t figure holding the bouquet with my right hand (the one in my dad’s) would actually enabled me to hold my gown with my left, and hence, no clumsy walks! And the list goes on. In any case, I must make note that my dad looked awesome and super striking in his suit (he’s Jason’s and his own tailor!).

But I love every second of the ceremony! It was beautiful! I had my Lauren Hill’s version of Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You as my recessional (although that choice got some frowns from some peeps) and also a rock and roll version of Canon in D as the entrance-to-the-reception-hall-music, but it was so darn romantic, classy, energetic and fresh!

The reception was a little bit of a disappointment, because guests left earlier than they ought to, maybe due to wrong cues. I didn’t get to change into my much raved about lengha, in fact, I had to take out the can-cans, and carry my train everywhere I went, rather ungracefully, and my heels had to fail me by making some clucking noise on the left heel because the rubber piece decided to break on my way down to the ceremony foyer, and thus, causing me to want to change into my bling-bling sandals, although it could hardly be seen, but somehow it just made me feel much less glamorous!

Oh, my lovely colleagues (all Chinese dance troop) performed this Indian dance but you guessed it, I missed it, the whole performance! I was so sad! But anyhow, I managed to catch it on video, and they were terrific! Still, I wish I could have the whole reception replayed again. We missed out so much when the guests were filing out so quickly. I guess that’s the down side to having a buffet reception: you just can’t keep your guests!

I didn’t get any pictures of my cupcake towers either, let alone taste them. And yes, I heard my lollipops favors were a hit among the kids, and I’m happy about that! I just wish I could see them displayed out on the tables before everything started.

If you are organizing a wedding, and if possible, don’t stinge too much but dish out a little bit budget to hire professional vendors and suppliers, it’ll save you all the heartaches and headaches, really. Somehow, now I feel it’d worth the pennies.

Jason was disappointed with his speech as he was looking into everything from A-Z (the last 3 hours were madhouse for him, he had to juggle phone calls, drinking coffee, and shower all at one go!), to the extend he didn’t have the time and peace of mind to prepare for his speech, though I thought he’s done pretty well, recited a poem for me for that matter! And the proudest lifetime achievement on my part was that I actually spoke, on stage, into the mic, while staying composed. Gah!!! Congratulate me please, someone!!!! LOL

The pictures I’m displaying here are, of course, not all of it (some of my friends take wonderful pictures!), if you like, we can always go out for yum cha and I’d show you all the pics, gladly! (Because I know I looked good in the pictures! Hehehe and I was commented as being photogenic. Whoo hooo!!!)

:) I’m signing out till the next posting. Stay safe!

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Anonymous said...

FOr being able to be composed while giving the speech! You indeed look gorgeous in every pic as well as Jason looking all handsome in every pic as well! =)

Was wondering about the veil too on that day but got to know the 'truth' about it now. hehe.