Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Let 'Em Eat Cake! Loads Of 'Em!

And the dinner that my parents called for.

The guests are mainly my parents’ friends and relatives and the whole event was rather… cool. You know how I shun wedding dinners held in Chinese restaurants, but this one was well, actually cool.

The restaurant captain forbade us to have our own programs and songs and what not reason being they’ve their in-house emcee and stuff, and apparently they came up with a new intro thing they’d do during the couple’s entrance. So, fine with us.

On that evening, all things were running late due to the heavy down pour and my cousin who made-up me were well, a little slow, so anyway, when I arrived at the restaurant and managed to dashed into the changing room to change, the emcee later came in and said this that gave my nerves no rest:

“Ah, you don’t worry ok, nothing to be worried about. We are going to do something new, you guys are the first couple we are going to try the thing on, but no worries wan ok?”

Gee, thanks dude, what a privilege!

But it was all good. The emcee led me to the outside of the restaurant entrance, brought Jason to the back of the restaurant, and the emcee actually started singing, a Sir Elton Jonh’s number, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Chinese version, uhm hmm. LOL it was so mind boggling!

And then he went to the back while crooning, and led Jason down the aisle, handed him a bouquet of flowers (which we initially bought to be given to my mom because we’re going to celebrate her birthday too!) and motioned me to walk in, and got Jason walked towards me with the flowers, and just as Jason got down on his knee, someone fired a party popper thing and confetti were raining on us both, we walked up the stage, and the emcee was just in time in wrapping up his song.

There you go. LOL Anyway, everything went well, my parents were high in spirit, we both were treated like King and Queen. And yeah, we had a little birthday celebration for my mom in the middle of the dinner, and yes, the same bouquet given to me was presented to her too. Hehe.

I’ll leave you with some pictures.

And someone's trying to be goofy...

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