Wednesday, May 09, 2007

He Rocked It Good!

But that doesn’t make me a reality TV/Game show fan, yet.

So I had the pleasure to be in a cosy cinema hall yesterday, and to have that sound system all hooked up for 2 songs. One being Faizal of One In A Million fame’s 3-songs-medley (We Will Rock You - L.O.V.E - I Don’t Wanna Be). That version totally rock! And man, he speaks good england! Now that’s a very good start. Not that, you know, speaking good england (or whatever other languages for that matter) means you are higher class or any of those shite, it’s just, it’s… important, you know, especially when you’re in the entertainment business. You just gotta be good with it!

Anyway when I heard the song over the radio some time back, I thought hmm, that’s a good one. Now to hear it again, LIVE, is really, really good. It's so good that it got me all worked up wanting to go to a rock concert pumping my fist in the air rocking along to the lyrics like a true blue rock chick and getting all sweaty or something. I missed the Muse’s, I missed Chester Bennignton’s press conference (sorry Cerlyn!), I missed Good Charlotte’s. Oh man!!! :/

Anyway, here are a couple of photos for your eyes. If, you know, you’re ever a fan, not that I am! Just, you know, for you!!!! :)

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