Monday, May 07, 2007

Pancakes & Full Moon

The weather has been painfully hot lately. Skin piercing hot. It’s crazy!

Clouds are scarce. But I saw the most humongous moon ever on Saturday night! It was almost within hand-reach!

The moon was just hanging out there in the vast, lonely black sky, with one dotting star accompanying it from afar. Simply majestic.

We drove over to McDonald’s, just to enjoy the air-conditioning and you know, a cola drink or two, but we found ourselves all wildeyed looking at the hotcakes poster and the next thing you know, we were tucking into 'em (uh, diet plans can always wait?)

3 big, round, hot pancakes in a platter. It’s so satisfying chucking big slabs of butter on the pancakes and watching 'em melt, then drizzled 'em slowly with syrup in all it's sugary goodness. So sexily satisfying!

We ate our pancakes quietly by the window seat and watched the full moon grow. And silently mused at how one heck of an artist God is. A real good one.


Alvin said...

so flipping hot, sweat my butt off when i'm back from redang...bei tahan really...

eh you go eat pancake also so dramatic..hahhaa..nice one..hehe..

eh yeah Man U is the official EPL CHAMPIOONNSSSSSS..ars se nal whooo? hahaha..kidding with you...don't angry...they can always try harder another season..muahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Leishia--thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to hearing more comments from you!

That would be nice to link up. I appreciate the kind thought.

Where I am, the weather hasn't made a real commitment to spring yet. One minute it's in the high 70's the next in the 50's.

It sounds soooo hot where you are (smile)!

Anonymous said...

hi leishia, how u doing?

Leishia J said...

alvin: lol writers are exaggerators. eh i dont care who's the champion, ARSENAL still rock!

the new parent: hey, great that u dropped by! thanks! i've linked u up already! and yeah, the weather here, phew! gimme winter, anytime! :D

hey nicole! i'm great thanks for popping by!