Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smorty and I

Some of you have been asking me about how do I get paid to blog lately. Now for those of you who are interested to blog for money, here’s another piece of (genuine) good news - Smorty.

Simple 3-steps to a fatter account: WLW:

Write your opinion about advertisers
Link them up in your article
Wait to get paid.

Can I be any clearer than this? Hehe. Well, if it’s of any assurance, I’ve been paid by Smorty for my work already earlier on. And I like their simple and friendly layout and usability. Although I must say the offers are kind of little, but then again, that’s maybe because I’m not an active member in reviewing their advertisers. So!

Anyway, if you are serious into this whole paid blogging business, do check them out! Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to quit your day job and turn full time blogging ;)

p/s mucho mucho thank you if you could just click on my links to sign up any of those services that I blog about here as (certain services’) referrals get paid too. Once you get on the ride, you may refer others to the services and you’ll get paid too! Yeah, it’s a cycle, and a happy win-win for all. So, happy earning!

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