Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Linkie Lurve

Right before I leave for the weekend (whee!!!) after downing a beautifully rich and creamy bowl of wild mushroom cream with toasted garlic bread on the side, here’s some links I found deeply disturbing interesting for your eyes :)

> Dogs DO have a sense of humour. Here.
> More Six.4.One Production pictures. Here.
> He’s my fiction hero, currently reading A Painted House. Here.
> Everybody needs some doggie loving. Here. *I heart Polly!*
> Tea break lovelies. Here.
> Ogle-ogles to keep you motivated at work. At least until lunch time.(it's THE weekend! Doh!) your tummy inspired Here.

*At this point I really want to put up a camwhoring pic of me here but alas, damn the camera!*

> Buy a book! Save a starving Leishia! Here.

Happy weekending! :)


The New Parent said...

Hi L--such a funny post! Hope you had a greta weekend.

ellejay said...

Leishia update Leishia!

Leishia J said...

frank: lol i'm glad u find it.... funny! hehe. i hope ur weekend was a kick-ass one!

ellejay: (hehe, secretly, i love ur nickname... lijen, lj, ellejay... uh, u get the flow lol)

me is sick lah! me need huggies!