Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Ish Shick

So sick. :(

Started with Jason over the weekend. Lucky him, he had my mom and grandma to pamper over during the weekend. When it came to my turn on Sunday evening, I had to nurse it at home with loads of Panadols, and slept Monday out, alone :(

Fever, cough, flu, headache, sore throat. Had to lug my sicko ass to clinic alone some more.

Kesiannya!!!!! T___T


JapBoyRockS said...

awwww..pity... kesian la... lol! but the pic is sooo cute... now everybody say.... 'awwwwww' come one! say it.... 'awwwwwww..' well lah u! get well soon! XD

ling said...

awww *huggles* u get well soon kay? praying for you

Alvin said...

poor thing..

take care lar okay?

super cute pic..

get well soon. =)

Leishia J said...

argh, i feel so loved! *tears*

eh jap, whats with the "yerrr, rest well lah u"... so gay! loll :x SWEET! i mean so sweet until i get tooth decay!!!! awwwwwwwwww

ling said...

btw azuzephre rocks :D