Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Post-Wedding Man

Husband and wife minding their own business la lala la laaa

Husband: Oh yeah, by the way, dear, your passport is expiring this month, right?
Wife: Isit?!
Husband: Yeah lah, I think so! And you have to renew your passport like, 3 months before the expiry right?
Wife: Oh no! Isit? Owh man! Why didn't you tell me earlier?!
Husband: Yeah well…

La lala la laaaa

Husband: So looks like we can’t go anyway liow on our 1st year wedding anniversary.
Wife: O_o ... =_= You’re just waiting to say this isit?!
Husband: >D


Eugene T. said...

Cuti-cuti Malaysia...

This is Visit Malaysia Year you know! You must support M'sia, support M'sia!

Leishia J said...

men! *rolls eyes* always support men! *rolls eyes once more just for drama sake*

ellejay said...

Lol....Don't say lidat lah! Malaysia kan boleh? Kan? Kan?

PD quite romantic wutttt don't you think? Just don't go back to that hotel cos I don't think Donny Jap and Jared enjoyed the err seaview that much.
And also you can't watch the sunrise!!! Cerlyn Pam Aaron and I tried. So stupid.

Whatever it is, enjoy ur anniversary!!!

Alvin said...

hahaha..your husband freaking funny wei..


not support..but he does have a point okay...


Leishia J said...

jen: uh... boleh boleh, tapi akan datangg!!! woohoo! lol

eh, u all ah.. go watch sunrise together gether pun ajak i pun! ish! anyway, donny and jap and jared enjoyed each other ade, no need sea view :x

alvin: what point he has ha? and i wasnt even thinking of going anywhere, just like, shucks have to re apply for the passport again. he himself go so deep! haiks!

JapBoyRockS said...

LOL! at a glace i tot lijen say 'enjoy our anniversary!'almost burst out laughing...coz u noe la...she's d one always complaining cannot get bf/husband...hahaha! sun rise is ok la...just dont look down... but u noe what? jared, donny and i found a better way to enjoy sun rise la! sleeeeppp! lolz! u orang mau tengok sunrisE? wait la... when i can drive dat time i bawa u all go..coz i happen to noe of a nice place in subang to get a good view! tengok sunrise mmg romantic kalao ada partner.. tapi...kalau tak silap saya... saya pernah tengok sunrise yang romantic... bersama donny... =.=' yang membuatkan suasana itu kurang romantic tetapi ia masih romantic kerana suasana yang romantic itu...dan saya patut berhenti because its gonna look like an essay now...hehe! yeah! enjoy ur anniversary! XD

JapBoyRockS said...


Leishia J said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW JAPBOY!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! U MADE ME HYPERVENTILATE!!!! LOLLL so sweeetttt of u to want to drive us all to go tengok sunrise together gether! *tears*

i'll prepare sandwich and tea, ya? :D

seriously dude, ur doing every darn thing with donny. seriously dude. tengok sunrise yang romantic bersama donny some more. seriously dude. seriously. so. sweet. can. die.

can i join too? :D

dohnie said...


*throwing a tantrum!* and *making a big fuss!*

I'll deny everything!!!

Leishia J said...

alah! dohny! japboy sho sweet-can-die, dont lah sampai deny orang liddat! tak baik tau! janganlah malu-malu!

next time, bring me along! then u dun have to deny anything! then u both can terang terang! :D

ellejay said...

My goodness! Too funny!!!!
An eh YOU are the one always in the lovey mood ok Jap! I where got 'complain' I cannot get har har?
And you drive ar... -.-" Even Mel can drive now ok. You ar...

Donny, it's okay I'm sure we all know your hands are clean. Hahaha.

Leishia don't la diveeee. Lol.

dohnie said...

erm... clean... yes... ahem!

*hides hands behind back*

note to self: get handwash.