Thursday, June 21, 2007

Don’t Buy New Balance Shoes

...if you are not a loyal sorta person. The shoes’ so tahan lasak, they just will not die on me. No matter what, they will. Not. Die! -_-

I bought a pair of New Balance shoes almost 3 years ago, on discount, so the price tag was like, RM 169.90 plus minus 90 cents. Consider normal price right for a decent pair of sport shoes? Right? I mean Bata’s Power sport shoes also about the same price if not more, right? So give and take a little here and there, the same pair of Bata’s Power shoes will like all fall apart in a year or two’s time, right? So the same should apply to the pair of New Balance mah, right? I mean, give it 1 more year lah, make it four three. I mean, RM 169.90. What more can you expect right?


At first I wore my spanking new NB shoes (with super cool purple splashes) almost every weekend. And then every other day. Now I wear them to work every day. I wear them to church. I wear them to Home Life. Sometimes I wear them to cover events. I wear them while I'm driving and riding on LRTs.

They went with me to Kuantan. They went with me to JB. They went with me umpteenth time to Melaka. Then there’s Langkawi, Penang, Ipoh, Kota Baru, and Seremban. They also trudge the Singaporean ground. They went up to the Pahang cemetery hills and right down to the Pahang Rivers, hiked the FRIM jungle, and along its canopy walk. Then to Phuket island and walked the length of Patong beach and the streets and alleys. And to my officially first church camp in Port Dickson. I explored Bangi, Serdang, Seri Kembangan, and Kajang wearing the same pair of trusty ole NB. And walked Polly around Kelana Jaya in the evenings and picked up her shits too. -_-

Oh, and I took my bridal photographs in them too! Yes, white bridal gowns and New Balance shoes!

I walk in them, jog, run, march, hike, trek, and chase. I go to mamak in them. I discover the Subang eateries with the rowdy beautiful bunch of youth and young adults on after-service Sundays in them.

See, I lived my entire, past 3 years in them (and counting)! And they are still kicking asses left and right!

They still…. show no sign of dying. =_=

Whereas Jason’s Nike kaputed in less than 2 years! LOL Not funny. I want new shoes!!! *whines*wails*tantrums*

*This is NOT a paid post ah!*


Alvin said...

You mean you have KFC vouchers?

How did you get it?


Eh all my nike shoes are still in good condition lar..


Alvin said...

My e-mail:
Eh you sure want to give me? You use it lar? I don’t mind not using it. Haha..I’m okay with MCd, not like crazy about it like my craze for KFC chickens, you know. Yeah, no problem, I do receive the MCD vouchers from time to time. Yeah will put you first in the list to give away those Mcd freebies.

tzeyang said...

my shoes only lasted for 1-2 years...maybe due to the way men's style of walking which can be rough and kicking around too much...but nice shoes is important to protect our feet as we all walk a lot good investment