Thursday, July 05, 2007

Left / Right

Last week during dinner pre-TRANSFORMERS (SOO COOL CAN DIE!), we were all discussing about left/right brainers/handers at one point, and today Jap and I were arguing debating discussing about who’s smarter and why I’m more CREATIVE than him and all (face it, jap, that’s because I’m left handed and you're a not! Poser! Hehehe); it brought to mind one conversation I had with Jason.

Makes me sound even smarter! *giggles*

Jason: Eh, you know ah, dear, the training I attended the other day, on mind mapping?

Leishia: Yeah.

Jason: Well, the trainer talked about left hander and right hander.

Leishia: Oh, I’m a right brainer

Jason: That’s because you’re a left hander. And I’m a right hander,

Leishia: So that makes you a left brain person! (At this point, do we remind you of conversations you'd have with your children? hehe)

Jason: Uhm hmm :) Do you know, if you face a problem, and you can’t, for the life of you, solve the problem, you know what you can do? Come on, tell me, tell me. *puts on smarty-pants hat*

Leishia: *matter of factly without missing one beat* Just hold the pen on my right hand and write lah. It’ll trigger my left brain and I might just get a solution by doing so! *blink*blink*

Jason: O_O You heard of this before!!!!

Leishia: No!!!! I didn’t! Promise! You asked, I answer lah!!!! I mean, it’s… common sense mah!

Jason: O_o…. you…. No…but.... no, no, no,.... how... how did you….

Leishia: Hahahahahhaha And your company paid how much to send you guys to the training?

Jason: But how did you O_O……. You’re a.......... GENIUS…. *hangs halo over my head*

Leishia: YEAH! I KNOW!!! I mean, who would have thought of it right?! Hahahahahahhaha I’m, like, so totally smart! *bimbotic laughs*

Course attended: RM 1,800
Halo: RM 9.90 (you can get from Sinma)
Being left handed (and outsmart the right handers): Priceless!

Note to Jap: nah! 4 links in total! Reciprocated ade!


JapBoyRockS said...

cheating wan wei... 1 sentence got 3 links...zzz! u lose! vaio mouse pls...lolz!

Alvin said... and your hubby..freaking cute wei...hahaha..

aiyar..act dunno least make hiim happy..and now he's feeling like a dungu..hahaha...

Leishia J said...

jap: alah! asalkan ada link. besides, where's my 4 referrals? nyahaha! oh wait, hey, i never made any deal with u also! apa pulak vaio mouse?

alvin: thats just the way we entertain each other, otherwise, we'd be bored stiff man. anyway, he doesnt feel like a dungu lah! he's darn proud he's WIFE IS SO SMART! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH

ps/ he asked me to blog about how smart i am, you know! really really wan!

The New Parent said...

Hi L--so cutie like you two (smile)!

My wife is a lefthander also--I'm a righthander!

We both have our strong points (I think?).

Leishia J said...

hey frank! yeah, couples are always meant to complement each other skills-wise. thats how God has always intended us to be!

and hey, i'm assuming i've found a really cool friend in ur wife, cos we both are such unique ppl! do ask her if she has any problem in using the scissors and the can openers (cos they are made in such a way a pain to be used for left handers!)