Monday, July 23, 2007

Everyday Minerals: The (Girls Only) Parcel’s Here!

Achtung! Camwhore on the loose!

So yeah, I bought some makeup sample kit last month from Everyday Minerals (remember?!) and it arrived! Joy, joy! But the only frowning moment was the lid of one of the foundation tub was cracked, and much of the powder was wasted :(

Everyday Mineral is… A full coverage makeup that is easy to apply, all-natural, long lasting, and truly affordable… Makeup that is just as approachable and real as you are.

Don’t you love it already? Hehe.

I got around playing with it and managed to camwhore with my faulty camera the whole morning the other day, well, I must say, I had fun being a girl! Uh, you know, putting on make up and taking pictures of yourself? *Insert bimbotic laughs*

So anyway, the sample kit is free of charge and it includes 3 foundations, 1 blusher (All Smiles), and 1 concealer, all at your own choice, the idea is that you may blend the different shades to get the right tint for your skin colour, a test and trial kit if you will. And since EM charges me shipping fee anyway, so I threw in a tub of lip colour ($5) too, just for the kick of it!

The powders went on rather effortlessly, though I thought they were a little cakey at first, but I guess that’s only because I was clumsy. Once they were set in, the look was very natural (Even though I over did on the blusher at the first stroke! :x owh man! This whole girly business is so frigging tiring!)

1. Erm, I like this pic. 2. You're suppose to see the blusher colour in this pic, but check out my nose! It actually exists! 3. Erm, filler pic. 4. Erm, for some weirded reasons, I like this pic too. -_- Shaddap! I know lah!

As for the lip colours, personally I find it a tad too dry.

Made from 100% pure: Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Aloe Extract, Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide.

So what I do now is I’ll glide a coat of aloe vera lip balm first before smearing the EM lip colour (Plum Dust) over it. It feels great, it looks natural, it plumps up my pouts, and it lasts quite a while. At $5 a tub (I think that’ll be around RM16), it’s the most reasonable lip colour I’ve ever bought, plus, by the look of it, it’ll last me a lifetime man!

If you’re (as in, my girl friends whom I know personally) interested to test it but for whatever reason (not having a paypal account?) not going to order it online as yet, I can lend you my kit for a try. You’ll only owe me a large McD meal, that’s all! :)

Ba Da Ba Dap Ba! I'm Lovin' It!~

P/S The makeup’s very, very minimal, I only put on all the above mentioned stuff, lined the eyes, and the curly thing… uh, mascara! Yeah. So at least on the pictures, my zits, redness and all are pretty covered and I don’t look pale. Therefore, mission (as a girl) accomplished! Oh did I mention? The makeup lasted the whole day too! :)

P/S/S Hey my room colour matches my blog's colour template! Nyahaha! So cool!


Adino said...

Wow you sound like Avon salesperson la. Mission as salesgirl also accomplished hehe... Got 100% Titanium Oxide some more...

Leishia J said...

O_O avon level only ah?!

haiks, cannot! must upgrade myself to... uh, estee lauder standard!

Alvin said...

wah you look like 18 you know...wah lau yer.



Leishia J said...



wait... whats the snigger for huh?! >(

Anggie's journel said...

heh... never come across this product !! malaysia got ar ?
btw... pretty lor & u look young , didnt look like aunty la....

Leishia J said...

hey anggie! EM is not available in m'sia. i think u can only get it online. u can check out the link to their website.

and about the aunty thing, haiks, these young kids ah, they just love calling me aunty, says gotten married means an aunty by default -_-

lol "gik hei"!

Anggie's journel said...

call u pretty aunty ok lor ... me? those naughty fren call me pretty 'ah sou' .. "chong kor kek sum" cos not only married, and also with a baby.
So we lady must really take k and make up and dress well abit ... LOL

btw, i seldom make up, got also very light wan .. look more natural.(actually lazy)

Leishia J said...

lol at least got "pretty" in front lah. haha!

yeah man, i heart the "natural" look too LOL

JapBoyRockS said...

note: Leshia is starting her camwhoring days.


Leishia J said...

-_- shaddap.

i blame y'all. mix around too much with u alfa ppl ade.

essie-chan said...

well uh...because it's backlighting and from a mirror? The colour is so bright I can't see anything. 0_o

But anyway...


lol nice review though. XP

Leishia J said...

O_o are u calling me pork???

its essie in da house again, i sked! she sar.cas.tic.wan O_O

м ë l said...

wahhh, pretty! yes, u look young and sweet and young and sweet and young and sweet...ah Jason untung la! ;P

Leishia J said...

mel:!!!! O_O

Tapupartforpres said...

ESSIE IS THE BEST!!! Crave Beauty Care Products and Makeup