Friday, July 20, 2007

Treating Blues

These pictures always help when I feel like hiding in the deepest, darkest corner, doing nothing but getting emo and punching the wall. Silly bambi Polly hasn’t got her hair cut then; she looks so goofy with the centre parting. Hah!

The green beans are chocolates - a gift my sister bought from Bangkok. I thought they’re perfect as wedding favours. Other than that, everything else seems like traipsing on each other and making a big, ugly mess.

Movie in church tonight! I hope it’s good. It must be good, because I always feel safe and secure just being in that sanctuary. Always.

I hope I get to use those DC Super Heroes vouchers this Sunday, haven’t been on retail therapy in a really long time now. Christine was saying her best bet is crying therapy.

Yeah, that too.


Alvin said...

Eh why lar so emo? It’s Friday you know. Cheer up k.

Well shopping is a good therapy for women. Go shop till you drop. Eh buy the superman tshirts lar. Midvalley-metrojaya has ample of them. I just added one to my collection of superman tshirt last Saturday.


And yeah cute dog too.

[SaSa] said...

is this aunty leishia's blog?..if it is hi this is sa lil mel

Leishia J said...

O_O ppl just love adding on to ur emoness, dont they! -_-

omg! lil mel!!!! LOLLL

ok lah, forgivable, since ur such a little itsy bitsy kitty cattty little baby girly!!! awww!

see! i can be naish to little girls too! *smile big big*

Adino said...

Polly!!!!! She's so cute... in the second photo looks like she's laughing hehe, and the third photo she must be wondering what those green stuff are.

Leishia J said...

lol u should see her! she was all paws and tongue over the packet of chocolates!

since my sis just got back from her bkk trip, so her stuff/souveniers/etc were all over the floor, she had so much fun interrogating and exploring the items, sniffing and tugging like some kaypoh makcik!

Anggie's journel said...

so cute ur lil polly... dun need to trim the hair la.. like that nice lei.. lastime i used to had a boxer and chiwahwah, but i give away , cos planning to have baby...mayb til my boy big enuf , will get a puppy for him.. :)

Jared says, said...

she look like carpet la..if i come over to ur hse, i would bound to sit on her..

The New Parent said...

Hi L---ahhh sooo sweet a face! A cure for the doldrums.

Leishia J said...

hey anggie! Erm, actually, she looks much much better (plus her coat looks shinier) after the trim now! kesian her only, the weather's so hot!

oh she should get one! dogs are such joy!

jared: -_- before hair cut lah wei! you cruel lil boy!

frank: lol ur so right frank! definitely a cure for the doldrums, and uh... hot chocolate for the winter! :)