Wednesday, July 18, 2007

There’s Hope For Kajang!

Not so much for Bangi though. But let’s just leave it as that. Hehe.

You know how we ALWAYS complain about Bangi and Kajang. How these places where we inhabit have no proper food joints, no entertainment, no cinemas, full of erm… you know, certain kind of yalams; basically, there’s just no life there. Period.

Imagine our my delight when one day we decided to venture a little further, just a hundred metre further, after the Kajang Hospital or something, we saw a spanking new shopping centre!

Like, WHOAH!

There’s Kenny Roger’s in there, there’s Secret Recipe in there, there’s a few of those little local cafés in there, OOooooOoo and, and then there’s STARBUCKS in there! LOL Not that I’m a big fan of Starbucks, but you know, Starbucks IN Kajang, like a big leap to civilisation man! :x (OK, I know Jason’s going to toast me for even saying that! Like, I'm so city girl! He’s always got this impression that a city girl like me can never survive a jungle small town life! ~_~ Well you’re wrong OK, partially wrong!)

So yeah. Yay! Let’s get happening yo!


Anggie's journel said...

Hi.. i'm first time here ...
Thot to leave a comments to u ,while i reading this post about kajang.
i move to kajang ...hmmm i think 3 yrs ago. From a KL city girl to kajang town. I don't use to it at first, no entertainment like you said, no nice cinema, not even a jusco for me to shop. The worst was the traffic jam and road was narrow. Have to Q very long to bank in money.
But sooner later, i think Kajang getting much better and moving on better life and getting well planning . Maybe it's need more sometime to become a real city.
I haven been to the new shopping complex yet, as i been told nothing much yet, shop haven fully open yet.. mayb will visit another few month .
BTW ... you're good writer..with funny and interesting post. :)

1st time here and leave such a long comments to you ... *-*

Leishia J said...

lol anggie! thanks for dropping by! and yes, no worries, did i mention i love LONG COMMENTS? :)

oh, tell me about the traffic man! it's crazy! to travel along the sg. chua road, the distance is sooo short, during peak hours, we'd be stuck for a good 20 minutes. crazy man! -_-

so in the end, we have to spend money on tol and get out of the town during weekends! lol gila betul!

Adino said...

I always had the impression that Kajang people ate satay all the time. Guess I was wrong hehe... Anyway, yalam food is quite nice if you acquire the taste for it. Best of all it's cheap. Cheaper than Chinese food even.

Leishia J said...

O_O u understand yalams! that obvious meh?! -_-

i think i'll need to take that down too then.... zzzzZZzz.

cis, since when this blog has to be politically correct?! lol

ling said...

aiyoh leishia, you're so outdated lah XD the shopping complex had been in construction for close to two years already! in fact it was supposed to be open december 2006, but they delayed till june 2007. haha, you forgot BASKIN ROBBINS!!! HOW COULD YOU??!!

Leishia J said...

=_= yeah lah yeah lah. i dont go any further than the McD area mah... cos it looked so... ulu. if u didnt give me direction the other day, i didnt know there's another world beyond that "100 metre" lol

yeah yeah got BR too! but i dun like lah. hehe

Anggie's journel said...

hi leishia J ,
Thanks for dropping by my humble blog.. just started blogging few months ago, hope to see u more :)
Yah.. lucky i didnt work in kajang.
Remember that time i was looking for nanny for my boy, all good nanny was in semenyih , i have to give up and find nanny near my place... just becos of the traffic, other wise i will hv to drop by my boy at semenyih at 6am b4 i go to work... sound crazy *-*
Yalor, the distance is very short from sg chua to town... but i dun understand why they need to have that much of traffic light ???
BTW, r u staying in kajang too?

Leishia J said...

yikes! the headache of lookig for a nanny! haiks!

no, actually, i'm not staying in kajang, but in bdr baru bangi, right at the border of sg chua.

Alvin said...

Wei, thanks for the concern. Feeling better now, although don’t feel like working. Sigh. Life as an engineer is tough. Haha.

Yeah, I went to Kajang 3 weeks ago and notice there’s no starbucks around. I can die if I stay in Kajang..hahaha..but I saw a new complex with kfc, secret recipe…I think it’s the same one you are talking about here.

Kajang becoming the new “KL”?

Leishia J said...

haha no need to be KL lah. i dun like kl anyway. be like PJ enough ade!

and yeah, there's a standalone kfc, and the shopping complex is like really really spanking new, giving u that bit of... new feeling? LOL lame nya!!!!

but yeah, we can all together gether have a blogger gathering @ the spanking new starbucks there!

Adino said...

Yalams is quite obvious la... it actually reminds me of ysalamiri. In case you didn't know what that is, it's a creature in the Star Wars universe that can block the effects of the Force in its immediate area.

OK OK... Donny is going to say I'm geeky again.

Did I hear someone mention a blogger gathering? *prepare camera*

Leishia J said...

O_O ysalamiri? lol

haha yeah yeah, lets have a blogger gathering or something man!

Alvin said...

Eh beautiful aunty, you organized one (bloggers gathering) lar. I sure come…. =)

Leishia J said...

-_- want me to oranize something, then nice nice use the word beautiful. but u can drop the aunty word though.

fail lah u!