Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why The Passion Between Me & Pizza Hut Has Fizzled Out


> Their quality has gone down so drastically, it’s daylight murder!
> Their quality is so inconsistent they had me suicidal!
> Their customer service totally sucked.
> The wait (to summon ANY waiter’s attention, to place an order, having the whole course delivered, etc, oh plus, they'd avoid eye contact!) is long enough for whatever swallowed food to turn into some poison, acidic enough to kill me. And then kill again.
> The last visit, I ordered a Spaghetti Bolognaise which turned out looking like some pitiful left over noodles with left over scraps of sauce with tiny bits of left over meat barely enough to coat the left over noodles. AND, they don’t even bother decorating it with their usual sad twig of parsley!
> The next table’s spaghetti looked delicious enough for me to start comparing! AND he's got a sad twig of parsley decorating HIS noodles! >(
> The last 2 pieces of pizza that I swallowed on Monday, had me holed up the whole night and the rest of Tuesday in the toilet.
> When I visited the doc, I told her I had pizza for lunch the day before, and the first thing she uttered, “Pizza Hut?”
> ‘Nuff said. -_-

It’s time we bid goodbye, Pizza Hut! You and I just won't cut it! So long now! *slo-mo waving*


Adino said...

You forgot to mention their heart-attack inducing pizzas stuffed with quadruple cheese, triple cheese toppings and now with a cheese dip. Domino's tastes better, is cheaper and they deliver in half an hour.

Leishia J said...

lol i.... cannot like that lah! cheese is good what!

but yeah, domino's rule anytime! hands down! or up... erm, anything lah! u should try their cinnamon stick or something. orghhhh, so good!

ling said...

yay, long live domino's! I've always loved domino's and hated pizza hut but u'll always see me in pizza hut because my family worships pizza hut =(

ellejay said...

Oh. My. Goodness.
Coincidence much? Just yesterday, me and half my class had such a horrible horrible experience at Pizza Hut! Customers service sucks!!! Arrrghh.

Got some big big problem la.

Was going to blog about it. But retold it to so many of our friends that I got sien di. Haha.

Oh and they recompensated us with two free pizzas.

Leishia J said...

wah... drama! i like! blog lah!!!

and hey, just 2 free pizzas to compensate? lemme guess, 2 free SMALL pizzas?

its just sad. PH is just getting sadder by the moment. if the management still don look into it and make a revamp, (ie send serve staff for real training and monitor their service!), its about time they come to an end lah.

Alvin said...

Leishia, so totally agree with you. I used to love pizza back in high school days. But now, the quality has gone down so freaking bad, that I rather eat roti toast with butter and cheese spread than going to pizza hut to eat. Sad case.

I am still very bitter with them for changing the “garlic bread” with the stick thingy they have now. What u call again? Doinks.

Leishia J said...

LOLL cheese stick lah woi!

erm, i think? lolll

peiling said...

its called bread stix, lol!

Leishia J said...

alvin: bread stix ah! haiks! liddat oso dunno!