Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Operation Pro-Blogger: Failed

So I’ve been deprived of my National Day favourite-past-time, and then I’ve been deprived of my National Day holiday PLUS the weekend! AND I’ve conveniently forgotten about me being scheduled for the Sunday’s backup! Oh, oh! Plus PLUS, I’ve made friends with Maggie the migraine for the first time in my life, and Maggie has been staying over for the past one week, throwing parties with loud-base percussions day after day!

Life’s sweet, ain’t it?

And the really good news is, month end output at my day-job is over. And I’ve translated 77 pages worth of documents with minimal to non-existent sleep, which I can only hand in tomorrow (because I’ve also forgotten that I have a FOOD REVIEW [yay!] to go to today in Cheras [where’s that?! boo!] this afternoon).

Now the bad news is, I have 15 more pages of “essays” to go. Oh, yet another good news is, I’ll be off to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands this weekend, Friday onwards! But of course, my deadline for the 15 pages’ work has to be due on Monday, otherwise where’s the balance right?!


It really can’t get any better.

Side track a bit, I’ve been stuffing myself silly like a pig (poor piggie, always kena victimised) under the pretext of “I’m stressed!”; although my brain kept saying, “slow man slow, we are not rushing, eat slow!!!!” but my teeth just kept chomping the filet-o-fish away as if, the burger'll be *poof* gone within 5 seconds and I'll have no more food for the rest of my life! *Shriek* Totally ignoring the brain! You see the conflict? You see? It was THAT tiring! x_x

And people keep saying I’ve gone down, and down, and down. It’s IRRITATING. OK, I lied. Those words are like music to my ears! When translated, it means, I CAN EAT MORE!!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

But above all these, (OK, clichéd part is coming, but really seriously!) I’m soooo frigging touched that God has been with me through every step! Really! It’s amazing! T___T (<-- see, my "gamdong"/touched cry) I mean, when people say God is omnipresent, what does it mean to you?

It meant, yeah, God is like, everywhere, right?

Erm, theoretically right lohh…

Now I realized, God is really just BY MY SIDE all along, everyday, every minute, every second (uh, that means He knows my erm, toilet patterns, tendency to erm… cuss, secret thoughts, and basically, everything else. O.o Boy, how can He stand us man?! We are Ahem. I am so evil!) after the last few fun-deprived days of me beating time, working alone with lots of tears and snorts. What seems impossible was made possible, what seems crazy was made sane. Praise God! I really couldn’t have done it without Him man!

It’s us who got carried away with life, and drown Him out. And then on Sundays we lament with such gusto, oh God whyyy?! Whyyyy are you not speaking to me?! Whyyyyy God! *with outstretched wrinkly hands*

Ahem. Drama-ness. Hehe

The question is, when He speaks, do I hear? Many EVERY time, the voice of my problem is louder.

So loud Maggie the migraine decided to move in and be my BFF! -_-

OK OK, I know you’ve heard this before, your Pastor’s been preaching it every Sunday blah blah blah I also know that lah blah blah blah.

But the only difference is: this is my blog I can say whatever I want hehe before, it was my head knowledge; now, my heart is convicted. I know I HAVE Him with me every moment! Gah!!! I’m so excited I’m going to explode into many, many tweeny, tiny pieces!

Ooh, speaking of tweeny, I have a tweenage-pyjamas night party to go to end of this month! YAY!!!!!! I’m so cool! Tweenagers lurvve me!!

Haha and speaking of coolness, yesterday’s dance performance by the girls was awesome! The girls were sooo yau-yeng man! Gwen and Gwynne, Jen and Vee, Cyn and Mel! (Chewah, like giving Oscar speech!) And the song can’t stop looping in my head now!

I’m not cool but that’s OK! Cos my guy loves me anyway!

Great! Ms. Maggie and Mr. Cool Song are now co-habiting in my head. AWESOME!!!

So how’ve YOUR week been? Tell please tell please! I’m kaypoh! No lah, because I care. =D

P/S Have you watched Evan Almighty yet???

P/S/S Anyone can tell me where to go to in Ipoh? You know, places to get those famous coffee powders, must-have biscuits, mandatory dim sum/Ipoh hor fun/ chicken rice eat-outs’ and all.

P/S/S/S You want anything from there?


Jared says, said...

yes i watch evan almighty d.. its farnee!! but good la.. got some moral abit here and there..

ipoh le i cannot help cuz i only know wats nice in penang..hehehe..

btw, the song is not my guy loves me anyway, its my God loves me anyway..go clear the wax in your ear!!hehehe

Leishia J said...

ala! my guy, my God, my God is my Guy!!!

besides, its "Cooler" if i use "guy" mah!

vic said...

lol! Leishia anything oso can.. :p
i watch edi! not bad la..but i think bruce almighty is funnier. didn't find evan very touching either.. ^^;

yerr...how come you get invited to the tweenage party 1??

Leishia J said...

not gamdong meh??? how come i so gamdong until i cry wohhhh...

is like, God is so cool! white cotton shirts! :D

haha leishia gets to go tweenage partayyyy!!!!!