Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Open Beauty Secret: Aspirin Mask

I’m lousy at keeping secret.

Especially good secret that is meant to share!

Girls (and guys, admit it lah, you're vain too and you’re curious as a kitty! Nyahaha)! Introducing, jeng jeng jeng! The Aspirin Mask! (sounds so anti-climax right? lol)

Yup, you read right! If you’re a die hard beauty-cosmetic fan, you would have heard of this wayyyy before already! Yes lah, I’m slow lah. But when I first heard of it, my jaw almost dropped to the floor, I mean, aspirin?! It sounds so…. chemically wrong. I mean, ASPIRIN?! O_O

Aspirin is actually a form of Beta Hydroxy Acids or BHA’s, which are found in
many skin creams and work by exfoliating the dull, dead layers of skin, revealing fresh new skin underneath. Over time, BHA’s can help clarify skin tone and promote healing of blemishes.

After googling (love Google!) and reading about it for days, I thought how bad can it be right if I were to try, right? I mean, everyone’s using it! It’s getting rave reviews! And besides, it’s aspirin! How bad can it be right?! It won't cost me my limbs right?? Definitely not that bad lah!

So, I went out and got myself a box of (24 tablets) aspirin, whip up the concoction, and tested it on Jason. Hehehe.

What??? O_O This is call work smart, hokay?!

Oh, may I point out that, Malaysia is not a fan of Aspirin? Panadol (Paracetamol) is, Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid) is not. In US, you can easily get a bottle of 200 tablets for USD 0.99, can you imagine?! And I got my box from Guardian for RM5.40! Gahh!!! Daylight robbery!

So anyway, let me just, put it bluntly, that the mask works! My guinea pig Jason’s skin’s so much cleaner and smoother after each application. We’ve by far applied 4 times already. My skin is the most sensitive of all! And it has been red and blotchy my whole life, but now, after 3 applications, it’s no longer blotchy, the skin doesn’t peel, the redness’ almost non-existent, the pores' shrinking, and no more breakouts. Woots! (But don't expect it to be flawless lah! I mean, all things take time! So don't come splattering your saliva on my face next asking "why your face still liddat wannn? no change oso!!!" -_-)

Yes, yes! Here’s the recipe! Tsk! No patience!

>3 tablets of non-coated aspirins (that’s salicylic acid, NOT Paracetamol OK!), sprinkle a little water over the tablets, just a dot or 3. [edit: I've since cut down to 2 tablets per application as it gives a good coverage already!]

>Then, squeeze 2 or 3 dots of honey (yes! Those you eat with your waffles! I got mine from Tesco for RM4.50 a tub) on the tablets.

>And for a kick of AHA - that’s alpha-hydroxy acid, add a few dots of plain yoghurt to the concoction, and

>Use a teaspoon to crush the tablet, mix well. The tablets should dissolve easily and you should get a grainy texture, but it shouldn't be too runny.

>To apply, simply spread the mixture on your freshly cleaned face, carefully avoiding the eye area and from breathing in the aspirin (I don’t think it’ll cause you permanent head damage, but it’s always good to be careful, ok?), and leave it on for awhile and chill out as it dries. I normally leave it on for 10 minutes, and no more than 15 minutes, just in case it got too drying for my skin.

>After the times’ up, wash it off, and at the same time, very gently rub the aspirin grains in circles with your fingers for about 10 seconds, that’ll exfoliate your skin nicely.

>Then rinse off with water. REMEMBER to apply toner to clean off any residues, and moisturise.

Use this mask no more than 2-3 times a week. And you should know your skin better, so monitor any changes on the skin as you go. However, if you are allergic to aspirin, well then too bad you can’t use the mask.

With this mask, I have lay off buying those fancy schmancy designer products and I can see my skin problem diminishing. Jason was awed and kept raving how much better my skin has become since day one he came to know me. So yeah. :)

I’m not hard selling this, waitaminit... I AM hard selling, hahaha! But! I’m not like, getting any profit out of this hokay!

See, I lub you onot? *smile big big with expanded big wet eyes* nyahaha

Don't take my word for it! Go read up, do your own research and be equipped, knowledge is powah! *Roar* And google is a great start! Hehe. Happy masking y'all! :)


Anggie's journel said...

The Aspirin Mask ??? i also first time heard about this lei ... sound abit 'ma fan' .. wah sendiri create recipe somemore ???

Alvin said...

Wah sai, whole entry about beautifying one’s face…..terra lar you.

But what if my face already flawless already, do I still need to use this? Hahahaaahaa….

Wookay wookay, I go and try…since this beautiful aunty wrote a long entry about how good it is. =)

Adino said...

Sounds delicious. I hope my wife doesn't see this otherwise I will be her guinea pig too. You should password protect this post or something.

Anggie's journel said...

i should say i m lazy to make my self a mask la ... i rather go salon and let them clean and do for me...and the same time i can sleep but have to pay more la .
salute u la... go do research and read on this mask . Good good .
Means u dun go salon for facial ??
seem u stay bangi , if u interested i can introduce a good salon at kajang for you... hahaha....

Leishia J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alvin said...

Leishia, I actually wished that the story (touch & Go) was not true but just purely a made-up story. But sad to say it was a true story. We are on our way to “curve”, and we saw it. A guy using his hands touching the machine in every way possible at the “touch & go” exit.

Dunno whether to laugh or cry. Hahahahhahaahhahaa…should be a foreigner lar..

Michelle said...

wahhh..interesting...will try it on david. hehehe

now i got something to blog about...i will link u and bring more traffic to ur blog. :D

ellejay said...

Oops. Forgot to comment yesterday.
Anyway, can't wait to try this erm concoction. Found out that the giant bottle wasn't aspirin after all. Bummer eh?

And you're so lucky your mom 'forced' you to go facials! I beg and plead oso my mom won't let la!

Leishia J said...

anggie: haha. this is the easiest home-made mask ever anggie! if u think its ma fan, then erm, cant complain about ur skin problem then! :)

i read alot and did a lot of research on this mask, the recipe itself is a test and tried version. in fact, after each application, i dun feel my skin to be dried at all.

and i've cut down the tablets to 2 instead of 3, as 2 tablets give a good coverage as it is already.

so yeah! :)

alvin: joh... -_-



u and ur beau***** aunty. zzzz. so wrong. zzzzz.

u go intro to ur friends lah, they'll love u long time too. mwa.ha.ha

adino: lol be thankful if u get to be the guinea pig cos the mask is good for u! some more ask me to pw protect the post!

PLUS if she come to know this mask, she'll save a LOT of money from buying those products in the malls wohhh.

think about it ;)

Leishia J said...

anggie: lol sure! u can recommend me, who knows if i semangat enough to go find out!

actually i dun really like going to salons. my aunt is a beautician for Thalgo, and since young (i mean, teenage years, very pimply!) mom will make me go for facials, and its always very painful and very TICKLISH! bleah!

i.am.scared.of.facials! lol

and i'm bias lah. i feel no one should touch my face other than my aunt, cos i find a lot of them dunno what they are doing! just want to sell u all their products and treatments. i hate those! gah!

hehe yes, very picky.

alvin: serious eh! lucky u! get to be in the moment to experience such O_O scenes!

miche: erm. hokay! thx!

ellejay: that goes to show how bad my skin was riiight? haiks...

Anonymous said...

Hi L--OK, now as a guy masks don't really catch my attention, though your telling of it has made me curious (not) (laugh).

Interesting to read, but will leave that to the ladies (wink).

Leishia J said...

oh c'mon frank! give it a try! pamper urself! think of it as.... erm, "me" time! :)