Friday, September 14, 2007

10 Things I Miss About You

> That with you, I can go shopping. Never mind the money that I don’t have to spend.
> That with you, I can sleep in till my body aches in the morning, and wake up being drowsy.
> That with you, I can surf the net and chat online till I puke blood and my eyes pop.
> That with you, I can go watch a 10am movie, without a care of the world!
> That with you, I can strut in to McD’s for their big brekkie, and keep alternately refilling my coffee and tea, until my tummy explodes.
> That with you, I can spend *quality* time with Polly, my baby girl, and bring her out for walks, and just totally pamper her like a princess. Not that she’s not one now.
> That with you, I can go buy that oh-so-sinful buy 1 free 1 SanFran coffee with extra whipped cream, and just while the time away watching people.
> That with you, I can curl up in a reading chair in Starbuckkie and just read, day dream, and get bored while listening to Augustana’s Boston on the loop.
> That with you, I can do all the above without getting stuck in jams.
> That with you, I know I can be a better blogger, learning how to tweak designs.

Make it 11,
> That with you, I can laugh at my friends, for not having YOU.

Ahhh, freedom from work. How I miss you!


Alvin said...

Drama-rama lar you. HAHA. You working in your small lil cubicle in an office, now?

Everyone also like that lar. Me engineer also like that. What to do. Cari makan mar. Man, I’m not too sure when was the last time I ate MCd breakfast, gosh I miss it.

Now you make me emo already. Sitting in starbucks and pass time? I FREAKINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG miss that.

Emo-fied now.

Why you make me emo on a Friday..sigh

Leishia J said...

LOL i'm an emofier! awright!