Monday, September 17, 2007

MIMS Says It - This Why You're Hot

Dear husband,

It has been one year already, and I can’t believe we made it this far! *give self a pat*

And *yikes*, ninety nine more years to ago! Haha!

But I thank God, that it’s you I woke up to every morning.
I thank God that it’s you I come home to every day.
I thank God that you’re the reason that I become stronger each day.
I thank God that you gave me the motivation to strive for things that I thought it’s unreachable.
I thank God that you’re my compass when I’m at my usual timid-self.
I thank God that you’re consciously honouring your commitment to our marriage.
I thank God that you’re so supportive towards my endeavours to rise up in life.
I thank God that your love for me is so selfless.
I thank God that you’re so patient with me when I’m such a lousy wife.
I thank God that you’d swallow everything I cooked, if any, even though they were un-swallow-able, and yet encourage me on saying I’ve done a great job.
I thank God that you’re so tolerant with me when I’m supremely bitchy with PMS’ and mood swings.
I thank God that it was you who were waiting at the end of the aisle on our wedding day.
I thank God for you - my husband, my partner, my mentor, my friend.
I thank God.

I won’t let anyone bully you. I’ll even punch thebigbully if I see her. I’ll go up to her, and ask, are you thebigbully? BAM! And I punch her. *silly grin*

I know you won’t EXACTLY do that, but that sure cracked me up.

I thank God that he custom made you my Super Bouncer!

Love you loads! May you have many, many kick ass days ahead! Oh, and Happy Anniversary my BFF! :)



Sunflower said...

Ohhh this is so sweet! Congratulations on your first anniversary!!

Leishia J said...

lol thanks sunflower! :)

Abby's Mummy said...

**AM pengsan on the floor sebab terlampau soo-WEET lah this couple...**

Leishia J said...

LOL drama lah u!