Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let's Get Flirty

*this is a sponsored post*

The times are different now.

People used to rely heavily on going to friends’ parties to meet potential partners. Though this is still the case, but now we have many other alternatives to meet a possible life partner, and one of it is none other than online dating.

During my *ahem* times, online chatting was all the rave, you kinda like log in to a random “romance room”, and then randomly pick one “Real Prince Charming” or “Baby Cupcake123”, and then well, just try your random luck.

Now, with niched dating sites like jlove, everyone can meet everyone before establishing any contact. Jlove is a dating site for jewish singles seeking friendships from within the jewish community.

So if you are a jewish single, are still searching, and don’t mind giving online dating a try, do direct your mouse over to jlove and start making friends! A word of caution though: always be careful with whom you get in touch with, exercise wisdom and common sense. Love is a funny thing, in the name of love, people can lose many things and be in danger. Dating sites are actually a great place to meet friends, but there’s no guarantee that some are posers. So ladies especially, have fun, but always be careful! :)

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