Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not Even 1st Class Facility, Already 3rd Class Mentality

I’ve held my tongue so far but I can’t stand it anymore. I blame jap for triggering me getting all boiled and brewed up!

My homeland is sure one cool country! We are the first to send a part time male model up to the space *bangganya* but we can’t spend a dime on improving the hospitals, say, in their customer service department. Now we are not asking for first class, royal private hospital services, just… humane treatment. Is that so much to ask?

My grandma had to wait in University Hospital's emergency ward with a swollen and "feverish" foot from THREE PM to ONE frigging AM, ladies and gents, that's 10 frigging hours wait for an old lady in pain! Just so someone will take a look at her and poke a pen on her foot. T__T

3 hours after her wait, she managed to go for X-ray.

2 hours later and finally she’s called to see a doctor, and the doc said she’ll need a new X-ray and asked us to go straight to the X-ray room, no waiting needed.

When we reached the X-ray room, you’re supposed to press the door bell to alert the attendant. 3 times pressing the doorbell and no one came out. We can’t be waiting and not know what’s next right?

So Jason pushed the door opened after half an hour wait (and risked being shot at with those… rays and we haven’t even have kids yet! T_T’’’), and guess what, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of them paid staff were sitting in there, chatting away about world peace!!!! And they had the cheek to say, we didn’t hear the bell.

And then after X-rayed, my grandma’s supposed to be given a receipt, and go back to the doctor immediately, but the attendant specifically asked her to wait outside of the room and he’ll send the receipt out for her. So we waited. Other patients went in and came out, WITH RECEIPTS, and were all gone!

So Jason opened the door, and guess what?! Those staffs are DANCING in the room to the tune of dangdut!!!!!! And when they saw us watching them at the door, one of them promptly picked up a piece of paper from the table and walked over matter of factly and passed it to us like, oh I don’t know, dancing in the X-ray room is part of the job requirement, and that it’ll actually make the patients’ X-ray results turn out more positive after the dance!

Can’t stand then go to private hospitals, you say? Yeah, we have a choice, we can choose to work real hard and earn a lot of money which a big chunk will go to the taxes that is used to send part time models of a certain race to space so that we can go to private hospitals and give them all our hard earned money so that we'll be treated like a human, OR we can just go to the government hospitals (and still work hard to survive no less) and be yelled at and wait for the whole day, never mind it’ll cost you a day’s wages, just wait, and shaddap.

Then I ask you, what about those poor people who can’t even afford food and education for their children, let alone a private clinic visit? Do they automatically lost their right to humane treatments just because they can’t make as much as you to spend?

Joh! The more I type the angrier I get!!!!! Argh!

Whyy??? Why my country liddat wan???? Oh and don’t get me started with the angkasawan cum PART TIME MODEL. Just. Don't.

Kill me. Just kill me please! T___T


JapBoyRockS said...

why blame me? eh..eh... i didnt trigger it.. nvm forgive you... bloggers like to make up stories to increase traffic.. haha! LOL.. about the male model.. haihz... MALAYSIASUI BOLEH!

essie-chan said...

Ah yes... it is my firm belief that you can wait until it's year 3030, and anything the government touches will still be as retarded.

And what should we say?

Malaysia Boleh! I love Malaysia. OMG It's the best country in the world STFU rest of the world, you can't beat us!

Because we're the best! We've ALWAYS been. SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME YO Undefeatable! Yay!

And gosh, I just CAN'T UNDERSTAND how some people can NOT love Malaysia!? I mean...COME ON ARE THEY BLIND OR WHAT Malaysia is like the BEST!!!!

Alvin said...

The silliest thing of all is, there must be a reason why the leaders of this nation choose to exaggerate the whole space thing where in the matter of fact is dr. sheikh is just a space passenger. It is exaggerated to a point that he was called an astronaut. Bollocks, really. Well, to turn the rakyat’s attention from the blatant racist remarks spoken outwardly by MPs, the pathetic state of our education system, not to mention the corruption in high places, the increase in hideous crime, the list goes on and on.

It is appalling indeed why our heart earned money are spent on silly things like sending a man to space just to sooth our ego when the money can be better spent on improving the quality of life of the poor for example.

Malaysia? This nation is slowly rotting to its core. And that’s a sad fact indeed. In a country we call our own, we are treated like 3rd class citizens.

I shall end here before I write a thesis over here..haaha…

samf said...

I agree!!I 100% agree with what U've written!! wasting OUR money,focusing on unimportant issues and ignoring the important ones!! angry angry!!

abby's mummy said...

WTF do we need a guy in space for anyway..?!?!! if really so much money better give the junior docs a raise, raise morale a bit. some people are friggin working for 36 hours straight without sleep, for a measly 60 ringgit PRE-TAX...joh, too much lah!

Adino said...

They justified how space programs have brought technological advances to other countries, like we are equals with others.

Well on the positive side, this could really be the start of a Malaysian space program (for the record I will volunteer to be the first Jedi in space). There's already been a lot of amateur rocketry attempts over the years using mercun.

As for the medical facilities and services... you better pray really hard nothing happens to you. Prevention is really better than cure.