Friday, October 26, 2007


Output week is *finally* coming to an end! Yay-ness!


God is amazing in sustaining me through out, and providing! He brought me 2 more projects which I’m real excited about (OK, maybe I’ve exaggerated a little on the part of *real* excited, that’s an overstatement, definitely), the only problem is, I’m computer-less now :( How do I want to work on those stuffs without a computer? Daym! Darn!

We are still shopping for one, and are pretty much set out hearts on a Dell Vostro. But I won’t count on getting the lappy in time to deliver my work (it’s due next month, my work I mean), because by the time the whole transaction is done, I don’t know how many delays will take place before the lappy is safe and sound on my lap (Heh, check out my pun. Good eh? *grin*)

But no matter! Something will work out.

I’m off again this weekend! To Cameron Highlands, not exactly a trip I look forward too, but hey, let’s just hope I’ll get to start working on those translations, and not be like the other time - suffering late-nights-early-mornings-lack-of-sleep-crazy-woozy-pimply-breakouts! Brr!

And I’ll be on a mission next Friday: go for spa in the name of review! A spa session of 4 friggin’ hours baby! Whoo hooo!!!!

I must say I’m not a big fan of massages and facials. In fact, I’ve never done massages and stuff my entire life, save for those times I sprained my ankles and neck and stuff and my mom would hauled me to the tabib cina to fix things T_T

And facials! Argh! Facials to me are one of those things you pay to suffer, you know, like going on roller coaster rides and horror movies? But it’s a blessing, really. For no apparent reason my back and shoulders have been rather stiff and achy for the past 2 days and my skin, well let’s just say it has seen better days. Le sigh.

So the assignment is actually a blessing in disguise. I mean, going for a 4 hour session spa during work time? T__T (<-- so touched can die!) Who on earth actually gets to do that (except for writers and journalists lah! Nyahaha!)?!!!

I think after me more people will apply to be writers! LOL (I sedang syiok sendiri, boleh? :)

Oh boy I better sign off! Gotta finished one more piece before I get to go! I’m gonna go visit Polly later! :D And then iron clothes, pack up, do my aspirin mask, fold laundry, wash hair, eye mask. OMG! So much to do!!! =.=’’’

Well hey I hope you guys’ll have a great weekend too! :)

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