Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ready For Showers?

When I was a mere 6 years old, I once saw this ultra cool shower system in a showroom, mini me stood before the valves and taps and jets and what nots, I knew instantly that that’s my dream shower - a shower head over me, numerous taps as controllers, jets positioned in various directions surrounding me (well, except for my back), water ready to shoot me in the most sensational ways only a mere 6 years old could ever imagine!

That, was the turning point of my understanding about showering. It’s not just a body-cleaning, odour-removing chore, rather a hobby everyone should pick up for everyday enjoyment!

Alas, age catches up and that ultra cool shower system had been swept under the deepest, darkest corner of my mind… only to be revived by this very website today.

Check this baby out:

The Monet Triple Thermostatic Valve + 8” Head and Jets shower! Imagine the invigorating gushes of water against your tired-out body after a hard day’s work in the office! Yeah baby!

I really can’t stop ogling at the Sensational Shower range by Taps4Less.com! I have this endless fascination over shower heads that hang directly over your head; it’s as if you’re showering under a waterfall or something! It’s so to-die-for!

Hmm, now that Christmas is near, reckon I can give the hubs a subtle nudge and hint eh? :)

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