Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stew Obsession

I’ve been craving for a bowl of piping hot stew for the longest time. Now I haven’t cook enough to label myself a good cook, but I am however, a decent, creative cook! (haha! Typing this line makes me feel oh-so-cool and tingly all over!).

Alright, alright, creative in the sense I improvise pretty well and I usually cook by imagination. I would imagine out the recipe and what goes in first and next in my mind, prepare whatever that’s left over in the fridge, and then, talk to myself as I cook. Yeah. -_-

So yeah, stew. I cooked a big pot last night for tonight’s dinner, and boy do I kick ass! (HAHAHAH!) OK, so the gravy is not exactly gravy, rather soup-ish, but that’s just because I’ve overdone the water, ran out of flour, and my corn flour was expiring (or expired… erm). Other than that, yeah baby! (HAHAHA!)

The Simplest Chicken Stew On Earth

1 whole leg of chicken (or parts)
1 medium carrot, cubed
2-3 tomatoes, quartered
2-3 potatoes, cubed (or however way you want ‘em)
2 onions, diced
1 stalk of celery, sliced
Salt and pepper
A little corn flour in a little water
2 cups water or chicken stock
Oil or a knob of butter

Brown the chicken with oil or butter, set aside. Dunk in the onions and let fry till soft, then dump in the carrots, celery, and potatoes. Pour in the stock or water. Then throw the browned chicken and the tomatoes in. Salt and pepper it, bring to boil, pour in the corn flour, bring to boil on high. And then lower the fire and simmer for 20 - 30 minutes.

And then you eat. With bread. Or baguette. Or wholemeal or wheat bread! My favouritest combo!

Follow-up note to self: Hmm, think adding half a can of cream and/or red wine in will make it sexier?

Disclaimer: this is a stew-cooking attempt done by my imagination (blame her!). Don’t sue me if your imagination doesn’t like it!

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essie-chan said...

I suggest that if you put cream into it, add some sliced leek. Or spring onions. To give it that savoury, creamy dash. Oh YEAH, baby.

Red wine? It doesn't go with chicken, I think. Lamb and beef are excellent with red wine. Unless you're talking the Chinese Style! Drunken Chicken Technique! *sounds like Naruto*

"Chinese style! Drunken Chicken no jutsu!" *KABOOM KABOOM ENEMIES DIE*


Sorry, I deviated... but yeah, but of course, again, this is my imagination talking and I'm such a n00b at cooking so meh. XD Just some thought.

Though I think making a swirl of cream in...well, creamed soups are OH SO SEXY. Especially with a sprig of parsley in the centre and a handsome butler standing by asking politely, "Freshly ground pepper, madame?" XD

Or maybe... a Mac smothered in cream... Ahh, teh sexbomb. Hahahaha!