Thursday, October 18, 2007

Want To Join My Atas Club?

Cerlyn did this test thing which I thought was erm… cute. So I took the quiz too and turned out,

You Are French Food

Snobby yet ubiquitous.
People act like they understand you more than they actually do.

I am French food. Yum.

Ha. Ha. The irony of it all! After the prayer meet last night, we met Janvier [shjong vyay] (see, he has this really beautiful sounding name which means January, but a sad thing people can’t pronounce his name, he ended up telling everyone to just call him January -_-), the French speaking Benin guy in church. And you have no idea how stressful I am every time I meet him. =_=

Not that he’s a scary mean guy, but he’d be so nice trying to make me speak and practice my French (and yes, that’s stressful! Because I don’t know why I’m sooo conscious and afraid to speak it! Yeah yeah I know, never mind making errors, just parler! Whatever. I’m conscious means I’m conscious lah. Yeah lah, trying very hard to overcome that lah T__T)

So yeah, he’s trying to speak again with Uncle Roy “encouraging” on (Oui, mademoiselle blah blah T_T I don't know why but I feel anything typed in french must be italic. Italic is so... French! O.o) and the next thing I know, some other uncle standing nearby suddenly chipped into the conversation and started blah-blah-ing en français non stop!!! Gahhh!!! Nightmare!

Uncle-standing-nearby: Let’s go mamak and we can continue our French club planning! (!!!!)
All other uncles: Yeah yeah, let’s go!
Leishia: T_____T can we do it in English? *defeated*

So yeah, French club. Janvier has been giving me the idea of a French club some time ago. And French club to me is… movies, food, music, friends, yay, fun, speaking english with faux french accent, like this -> but zee cheeze izh justz sexcelenz! Non? But, judging from the reactions I got from my dear friends about the language, and how occupied I am with other work, the whole plan has been stalled.

But looks like, no longer T__T

Janvier is an extremely sweet gentleman who very kindly offer to help us who wants to practice speaking French. And he even offers to conduct bible studies in French until he leaves the country end of this year.

I know I’m truly blessed with opportunities to practice my languages with so many friends around me who has the flair in one or another, but I’m so chicken -_- But no more! I have to like, “come what may just go speak darn it embarrass mah embarrass loh don’t be so cheecken lah! T__T”

So if there’s anyone of you out there who actually speak the language and see a gem of an opportunity in this OR those of you who are really interested to learn the language, drop me a line/feedback/suggestions/whatever, we can always arrange something to suit to our levels and needs (eh, give face lah! Join lah! Don’t understand also join lah! Think of all the mamak sessions we can go to after class lah!). Janvier won’t be in Malaysia for long. So, let’s not let this chance slip by! (I’m gonna go stay with his family for 2 months and I’ll speak French like you drink Perrier! Whoo hooo!!! Uh… air ticket sponsors, yes?)

I hereby launch the Life. Undressed French Club. (O_o)

P/S I have so many things to blog about! Like, a bunch of handscum Bollywood stars cooked for ME (ok lah, and Jason too lah), and, and the things I do during working hours to uh… bring out the linguist in me. Sabar ok? Sabar. Will have all these up soon.

Now, I have to go finish my boss’ daughter’s home work first. T____T

P/S/S Many thanks to Dohnie and Jappy (such lovely couple! Hee!) for the Kit Kats, SOHHH TOUCHED! I don’t know why suddenly both give Kit Kat but, no matter, I got Kit Kats now! Yay! And I am so not stressed anymore!!! :D …. But when I stressed again, I’ll let you guys know hokay? Hehehe


Dohnie said...

Joh! Okla, okla... here's me leaving you a comment la! Tsk! Make soh much noise... I thot the Kit Kat calmed you down??!!

And who you calling a luverly couple??!!! Now I need a break! Hee...

Je veux aller au Bénin ! I can point to it on a map! Haha!

Alvin said...

Give me your bank account, I “download” a virtual RM 10 to your account. Hahaha..

Aiseh, deleted pulak, then just add it back lar my blog link? What to do, every all the ah bengs and ah lians I know asked me NOT to stop blogging..haahhaa..gotta u-turner lor…after my e-mail inbox flooded again how?

Can I zee join zee flench flies, I mean flench class? Zee think flench bery zee sexy..

I also zee very stress,, zee want some zee kit kat too.

essie-chan said...

Oh... I see my dad is being supremely annoying again...

He does this ALL THE TIME, seriously. Like when he sees me watching anime, he'll go "OHHH ASHOKAH! NI WATCHING AH-NEE-MER(anime, version Roy) KAH!!! OHHH SHOKAH SHOKAH!!! ARIGATOGHIMASHOMASHEN"

And he doesn't even know what the heck he's blabbering which is ANNOYING.

When he hears chinese on the TV, he'll try using his half-baked chinese in the same way he uses his so-called "Japanese" which is ANNOYING.

Does the same with every language. Including french. Does it all the time. Seriously.

Isn't he just annoying?

JapBoyRockS said...

Donny didnt get what u said,, but I got it.. -_______-'

Anggie's journel said...

Life. Undressed French Club ??? all in french ar ?? how to understand ??? hmmm .... but good to hv a fren that can help u and speck to u !!

I learn Dutch b4 ... very long ago, now all forget already, no want to talk and pratice it. I think dutch is hard to learn, especially people chinese girl like me that cannot pronouce "R" ... aiseh .... paiseh.

Leishia J said...

lol erm, actually chocolates make me hyper... :D and yay, dohnie the first guy to register to the club! *applause applause*

joh, what download? transfer ah!

and another yay, alvin's VOLUNTEERING to join! eh, i'm sreious! i'm dropping u a "welcome to our french club" email soon! :)

LOLL joker lah u! i mean, ur dad, uh... it's in the family? hehehe why dun u do that back to him? like... erm, when he's watching CNN, or sports channel or something, u keep talking like those newscasters? blah blah blah brought to you by CNBC! Stay tuned! We'll be RIGHT back! *insert wink*

whaaa daaaa yaaa gettt huh huh huh? LOL

haha no lah, i think the whole idea is to promote the fact that language is fun, and look at it this way, by joining, u'll learn 1) a new language (yay!), 2) u'll learn something/get to study bible (yay!!), 3) u make more friends (yay!!!), 4) and erm, sweet talk french guys?! loll

PanDa-GuarDian said...

hey leisha...i read the comment you wrote in Anya's blog and she told me to reply you saying that she eats anything and everything in the world...that includes breathing and non-breathing things. hehe.

Leishia J said...

panda guardian:
*waves excitedly* hey! is this sa, cheh, or mom or dad?... haha well would u pls so kindly pass the message to anya and let her know that she's one tough cookie to stomach all those stuff!!!! cos Polly (oh u'll love her!) got so sick in several occasion bcos of the stuff she ate! and besides the fact that chocolate kills, anya!!!