Saturday, December 08, 2007

2nd Christmas Gift Unwrapped

Ladies and gents, introducing my baby third baby (uhh, 1st being the hubs, 2nd being Polly)! Can ya see??? Can ya can ya??? I'm blogging on a Saturday! HAHAHAHAH!

So so! My third baby, her name is Des the Dell, because she arrived in December.... -_- or whatever else I can think of later. But yaya! She's a she!!! It's a girl! A girl (because I say so)! A sleek, sexy black beauty! Delivered by surgeon Dr. Jap Dell boy Jap. So anyway, everybahdee say hello to Des with a flashy big smile! XD


.... oh...kay.... I dunno whatelse to say.... I just told Sailorsim (over MSN! MSN!!! no more stupid Meebo!!! hahahahahahahahaha) that I've lost my zing in blogging. And she blardy agreed! Hmph! *ngam ngam cham cham* I need to get back in touch with my feminity humour the world [insert the latest term yourself lah T_T]

Till the [latest term] get me grooving again, I'm gonna go back to my cave and be a geek la. Le sigh. Ta.


vic said...

Hi, Des!! *waves madly*

no ar, your last post quite farnee don't hide hide in your cave la. we know its just a cover-up to spend more time ALONE with Des oni.. xP

essie-chan said...

Why, hello Des.

Sounds like a guy's name though. Desmond.

Unless it's a name like... I dunno... Desdemona? But isn't that the name of some play...


Don't hide in your cave! How we's gonna ber-shopping if you men-hiding-kan yourself in your cave! =O

Leishia J said...

hey you two... *wipes tears and snot* soh touched. you cared enough to ask me not to hide in cave. *blow nose*

but ah, when it comes to shopping, i can come out of cave anytime wan!!! hehehehehe