Monday, December 03, 2007

Falalala! My Christmas Gift Came Early!

I really don’t know what Mondays are for. They are so redundant. It’s scientifically proven that employees only begin to be productive Tuesdays onwards and peaking on Wednesday.

You won’t want to go back to work after the weekends; and you won’t want to go back to school after a good chilled out time on Saturdays and Sundays either; you all the more won’t be productive on a Monday be it at work or school. You’ll be sleepy, and drowsy, and grumpy, and puffy eyed, and moody, and drowsy, and did I mention grumpy? *groan*

So what are Mondays for?!

I miss Saturday.

The awesome Saturday where my husband said,

“You’re down with the flu, why don’t you go shopping with your friends and just relax? I’ll take care of the house cleaning. See? I’ve already listed down all the things that need to be fixed and cleaned in the house,”

*all-bright-eyed-can’t-wait-to-get-down-on-all-fours-and-scrub-gleefully look*


“You… sure?”


“You… sick ah?”

“NoOooooOOO! Just go lah! Oh, and why don’t you drop by at your mom’s place first and give Polly a pat before you meet you friends? I know you’ve missed her so much!”


“… orh.” I know! He's so spoiling me! x_x

I mean, after asking the above obligatory questions and even offered help and do the cleaning myself, and hung around long enough to be kicked out shooed 2 times, wise people would normally heed the advice, grab the purse, and bid farewell darling right? RIGHT?

Right lah! So I went :) Albeit sick. :):) No lah. I was getting so much better ade! :):):)

So I met up with my gfs at Pyramid and started our operasi menyapu (lit: sweeping operation)! Oh, the joy of shopping with girls I tell you! OH! It makes you want to recite poems and go italic!!! We had so much fun trying out all the clothes and then not buying them! Haha!

We were at this one shop, and I was trying on the clothes and blah blah blah, at one point I came out to show my friends the dress I tried on, and the salesgirl was “Oh! This is very nice! You’ve got the height! Nice!” I turned and looked at my friend, and she shook her head disapprovingly, and uttered, “Not so nice lah”, then the salesgirl, matter of fact-ly reply “Nice what. You have to look at it from a different angle loh”

Like, -____-``` Super sweatness! Liddat sure nice lah! If you look at a different angle, pairing fluorescent green skirt with striking hot pink frilly top also very sexy geh! hahaha!

So by 6pm, I’ve spent almost thre….. actually figures are not important, what’s important is the loot! Hehe. I shall attempt to turn you green.

A bag! Not exactly this one, but something like this, a hobo bag, with pleated handles, in decadent burnt brownish gold.

A cute dress!

A 3-in-1 top/mini dress! Erm, 3-in-1 sounds cheap, but it really can be worn in 3 different styles! The back can be the front and vice versa, it can be worn over leggings or skinny jeans/pants, or as a dress! Super chun-ness lah! The more I look at it the more I like it! Ohhh *heart*! But of course this picture is only a representation of what I bought, not exactly the same. Mine’s come with short butterfly sleeves, drape/ballet round neck/back, slight gatherings on the sides, is black and of a erm, slippery material and is fitting at the bottom. So that gives you the appropriate silhouette. And if you have long, skinny legs then it’ll instantly turn you into runway models from Milan! If not, then you’ll have to rely heavily on really sharp and high stilettos. +_+

And also a black empire waist top (not this but to this effect lah), a pair of heels, a pair of jeans, quirky necklace and earrings, tube top, and BR chocolate and peanut butter ribbon ice cream! Oh indahnya mimpi aku! If I’m dreaming then don’t wake me up hokay? Happy sigh.

Anyway I wanted to send a message to my gfs who had left earlier telling them that I managed to find my pair of heels *yay* and that I’ve busted my budget of a certain amount *boo*.

BUT, of course I must be so efficient and type fast enough to send the SMS to who else but JASON! -_- He replied after a good 5 minutes saying “gulp. Have you bought the movie ticket? Erm, maybe you can ask for refund? I’ll just stay home, read newspaper and eat grass”


Haha. Funny man lah you! So I met up with Jason anyway later in the evening for this

To which he said, I quote, “Pwoah! Gaya man this fella! Look at his bod! Good movie choice dear!” *hand shake*

(Question. Why men like to give handshakes to signify approval and/or agreement? Why?)

Nah, nah, nah, those words were his! Not mine! *halo*

OK, I very lazy to type anymore. But there! My early Christmas gift from my dear, forever sweet husband! :D

Oh yeah, which brings me back to my point, what are Mondays for lah?!!!! T__+


hintzeyang said...

it is so fun living in KL where you have the access to so many great shopping malls...

Anonymous said...

Hi L--OK, I've always thought that the week should start on Tuesday and end on Thursday. This gives us time to ease into and out of the week (smile)!

essie-chan said...

Ahhh~ that's SO SWEET!!! *__*

Uncle-uncle so shweet lah~ T__T

Anyway. We needs to go shopping too! Because my mom is being rotten and breaking her promise, just because she already went with her sisters... geez. WHAT ABOUT ME EH.

But then again you already went =(

So I guess I have to find some other person. *sigh*

But who else IS THERE!? ish.

Leishia J said...

tze yang: haha. then come back often with ur wifey! :D

frank: EXACTLY! houston, we've found another kindred spirit! hehe

essie: nooooo!!!! i wanna go too!!!! i want i want i want!!! jom lah!