Thursday, January 24, 2008

Going E!

If there’s one business I’d like to try my hands on, it’ll be selling beauty and skin care products, or well, maybe clothing and accessories! It’s virtually every girl’s dream if I dare say to have their own dream boutique and mingle with all these goodies 24/7, EVERYDAY!

To be in the middle of these things that you love daily is quite a thrill, but I’m not so sure when it comes to the actual operations. You know, the administration, the accounting, the finances, the legal aspects, the stock-checks, and blah blah blahs *yawn*

Fortunately, there are many solutions out there for future-merchants to kick start their dream, and one of them is the Ashop Commerce’s shopping cart software. With this affordable web-based software, you can create and have your shopping cart up and running in no time!

Now, Ashop Commerce doesn’t stop at just offering you a fully customizable, affordable, and user friendly software, it also promises live tech support and customer service, making sure your path to success is well, a success. :)

You can have a taste of being your own boss now by operating your dream store even before you sign up and commit! Ashop Commerce gives you 10 full days of trial period so that you may get a feel of the whole software before you launch it. I’d say, let’s get started people!

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