Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mid Week Holiday Is The Best. Well, One Of The Bests :)

For those of you who celebrate Thaipusam, have a good one! And for the rest of you who don’t, well, do sleep-in till your body aches and then go have a cup of good brew and celebrate life!

Was at a fusion restaurant @ Pavillion to do a review, and check out my coffee! So cute right? Tell me you see a teddy bear!

Upon seeing the picture first thing that came out from my designer’s mouth: it’s monkey god! Cool!

-_____- It’s a teddy bear lah!!!!!


vic said...

i did! i did!
sleep in and drink coffee, that is. hehe. but my coffee not so cute.. :(
really looks more like monkey la.. ^^;

Anonymous said...

hehe.. it does look like a monkey... =Pp... tsk tsk...


Leishia J said...

tsk. how ur see wan ah? i've been staring at it for the longest time and guess what? it's still a teddy bear!!!! -___-

didja see the round ears and eyes and that bear... snout thing... it's a bear!

vic said...

ohhh! now i get it!
hiyoh...i've been seeing the ears as the eyes la..no wonder look like monkey. hahaha

Alvin said...

wah look like a bear and a monkey..first look, monkey lor..hahaha..

davidbong said...

Ya..looks like a monkey at first glance. Hahaha... different perspective/views lah.

Anyway...just want to wish you "A Happy & Blessed Birthday"...tomolo. Enjoy your day.

David & Michelle Bong

miche said...

it looks like mr froggy to me. hehehe

dropping by to wish you Happy 16th Birthday. hehehe

kim said...

Thaipusam = day to sleep in, haha!! Nothing much to do on that day either, especially since it's in the middle of the week... >.<

Anyhoo, dropping in to say hi!! Partially cos I haven't been seen around these here areas for a bit, and partially cos the MSN at the office is keeping me from communicating with the world, partially I'm bored... and partially I'm kinda free in the office today (actually, kinda like been quite free since Monday - unbelievable!!)

Leishia J said...

hey all! thanks so much for the birthday wishes! :D