Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So Tis’ What Birthday Parties Are Like!


I’m uploading these birthday pictures from the most happening place in Kajang now – Metro Point’s Kenny Rogers -_- just so people won’t think I’m dead or something. In fact, far from being dead, I’m actually officially old 1 year older (only). And people who are old 1 year older (only) have got more important things to do, yknow... like fighting for world peace and checking any newly formed lines due to ageing. T__T

Anyway, pictures first before KR closes shop and kicks me out!


Already kena kicked out =_=

My birthday this year consist of nothing but food. For real.

I’ve been given numerous warnings notices about the time I should wake up.

“Next month/Next week/Tomorrow ok. Wake up at 6am, so that we can get out of the house at 7am”
“So early for what? It’s my birthday! Can't I sleep in?” *sulk*
“For breakfast. I don’t care. 6am.”


But we woke up at 7:30am. Haha! Actually I woke up at 5 ady, but shhhh xD

So I was zoomed to some Palm Garden Hotel with half a dead brain and 2 shut eyes at 7:45am, and was made to eat. T__T Now, I’m a breakfast person, I loveeeee breakfasts, they make me happy. Really happy. But that place’s breakfast a bit cannot make it lah. I almost fell asleep eating it, I made a mental note to ban the place and to make sure Jason complain about their food. But on our way out, the Sales Director and the Sales Manager (?) called (!) and wished me happy birthday. So cannot complain already. -__-

And then after we reached home Jason forced me to go back to sleep, because, "it's your birthday! and you love to sleep. Go dear, go sleep" x_x

By the time I woke up, he said “quick, freshen up! It’s time for lunch!”

Whaaa? O___O

So off we went for lunch T__T

But lunch was good. :D

Food! That's not me, just some random aunty

More food!

Yet more food!

Hey whaddayanoe! Food!

By now I’ve gotten tired of eating (leishia tired of eating! LOLLL).

“Uh, dear I don’t want any dinner can?”
“Uh, dinner. Don’t want.”
*gasp* “Then my deposit no more!”

… reserve table for dinner need deposit wan meh? Drama king -__-

So anyway I got back-up practice and by the time I got out from church at 7pm the sky’s really dark and was drizzling already. Jason came picked me up and mentioned about going to 1U to redeem the 2 dozen Big Apple’s donuts (2 friggin dozens of free empty calories! Whoo hoo!) but the traffic’s so crazy plus it was raining by now (secretly skipping in glee no need go to KL for dinner!). So I suggested to just go for a drink near my mom’s house.

So we drove into Giant (this is seriously like reporting *yawn*) and circled forever to get a parking to no success, and he drove out to the nearby Kopitiam, parked, braced the rain, got into the shop, all soaking wet, as I sat down and made orders, he came back from wash room and said “can we go to your mom’s place first? My stomach very pain! Need to go, here no water” complete with the scrunching forehead diarrhea coming out face. And I wonder why I always ignore him when he says he wants to be an actor. sigh.

So we braced the rain and drove like he’s in labour to get back home and braced the rain to get into the house. Only the house was dark (ok, not so dark, I could see from the door crack there were lights flickering! candles! I knew it! >D)

And then! Tada!

SURPRISE!!!!!! A petals-path lined with tealights and a hired pianist in tux! zomg, so touched can die! Oh btw, the pianist is very much available and extremely talented! Plays frisbee too and loves dogs. Strictly females who adore dogs only need apply. Apply within.

I'm only use to be the one-who-celebrates-for, not the-celebrated-for-one, so I made a beeline into the kitchen due to the shock of the booming birthday song-singing and balloons busting. They made me come out and walk on the petals again. -__-

Ooo! Mud pie! 2 faces! Mud pie! You thinkin wha I'm thinking? >D

Now what? No angpau?

Retarded mug shot.

Look! A cake with my name... hey waitaminute! Where's my name?! :( Is that why I didn't get to even try it? :((

Now, for the finishing touches of our famed Butchered Chocolate Mud Pie...

The gifts (got angpau! can see? :)
And the gift of the day! No one can beat this...

An all-over-face mask cum begger bag! For bad face day or when need extra cash for food.

I was told pulling retarded faces fetch more dough. That's easy for me!

If black eyed peas ever needed another member, I'd win, hands down! Doncha see da hip hop pop aura oozing outta me? Ohmmm Yo!

And finally, the master mind...
The guy who deliberately planned the force-feeding program and the shock party. Thanks so much dear. No, I really mean it!

And his pretty accomplice
Poor Polly was tortured by those heartless people who incidentally, also are the ones who gave me the all-over-face mask cum begger bag. You see the common nature there?

"Come, Polly! Sit! Stand! Roll! Hand! Now watch me eat chicken. Hahahaha"
-_____________- <--- That's Polly's face. They are lucky she's nice. And small.

Actually come to think of it, my dad almost bocor rahsia for them all...

when we were circling the car park @ Giant, my dad called, and wished me happy birthday,

“happy birthday!”
“where’s angpau?”
“you’re supposed to give me angpau! Give you house ady, still want angpau!”
“what house?”
“har? Kelana Inn loh” (that’s how my dad refers to his house. An adult man living in denial -_-)
“Zzzz. That’s your house lah!”
So your friends come already?” (Still gullible of the mistake his making. Tsk)
“My friends come for what?"
“Har?... uh, it’s your birthday mah”

(O_O okok, play cool play cool)

“It’s my birthday, but they come to your house for what?”
“Haiyah! No lah! Your own parents also you never invite to parties, invite your friends for what hor? Hahahah”


So there! My 28th birthday. Reporting from Studio B. Thank you for watching and do join us again this Sunday at 2pm! Oh shite!!!!! Jason's birthday on Sunday! T__T Ideas anyone?

*Help* yelp


Adino said...

Aha! That's where Donny went last Sunday!

Happy belated birthday to you!

polytikus said...

happy belated birthday! :) xx

JapBoyRockS said...

Enregistrer un commentaire ... i dont understand whats this la.. i click click nia... WOHOOO! Leishia walk in and ran to the back to kelana inn.... hahaha!

vic said...

happy belated birthday!!

abby said...

awww...that is one SWEET hubby you got there, priceless! happy birthday my dear friend-who-i've-never-met-but-love-deeply-anyway! hugs from australia xoxoxo

abby's mummy said...

hmm. that was supposed to read 'abby's mum'...but i suppose abby wanted to say it too :)

alvin said...

happy belated birthday to you, auntie..hehehe..u still look 28 lar..still okay..oops..i meant 18...*whack head*

sweet husband u have there..nice..

that cake looks heavenly lor..